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  1. Flow Style Properties

    Each property is described below. v61FlowStylePropertyPane.png On This Page: Width This specifies how wide forms in your flow will be. The default wide … of the Width dropdown and let you specify your own width. v53FlowPropertyPaneWidthDD.png Layout You can choose a layout to alter the appearance of your forms
  2. Email Integration

    the data in XML format in an attachment named "form". Emailwizardoforemailintegration.PNG On This Page: Email Addresses You can enter multiple comma … Form submissions can be emailed to a recipient when the user clicks the submit button. To configure the form to send an email upon submission, open the form
  3. User Authentication

    LDAP documentation, the Working with LDAP page, and FAQ - Live Forms and LDAP  for information about using roles and users. Security Manager Configuration … and roles directly in your tenants. See the Manage Users and the Manage Roles for instructions on creating users and roles. Live Forms also supports two types
  4. Getting Started with the Data API - Java Client Library Tutorial

    in the forms feed. Go to the browser and access the formtype feed .../frevvo/web/tn/tutorial/user/admin api/formtypes. View the page source and search … contains a url to an html page with the form embedded, and open it in the browser. Note also the null parameter in getFormTypePopupLink(null) call: it is here that we
  5. Linked Steps in a Flow

    of the linked forms as you want. On This Page: The example below shows the parent Lodging-Meal Selections form and its two linked forms. Notice that the parent form … Many work flows often involve a number of people filling out different sections of a single form. So when you're designing this type of flow, you're most
  6. Security Managers

    . This is because frevvo must direct the user to the IDP login screen and the browser will not allow loading the IDP login page in frevvo's form iframe. Yes … . This is because frevvo must direct the user to the IDP login screen and the browser will not allow loading the IDP login page in frevvo's form iframe. What
  7. Reading from a Google Sheet

    , State and Zip Code controls are also populated with the customer information. On This Page: Example 1 - Populate form fields with data from a Google Sheet …  forms can be initialized with data from a Google Sheet by retrieving the data from the spreadsheet using a business rule. Rule syntax and best practices
  8. frevvo v8.1 Documentation Home

    Image from Website.PNG    Evaluate Live Forms  Administrator's Guide User's Guide Reports  Security Managers Integration HomePageFinal.png  Resources  Release Notes   Supported Platforms               Live Forms & Confluence In-house Installation                          
  9. Using Flows

    to Testing Workflows for information about testing them. On This Page: Invalid Form Notification for Users Live Forms provides a method to show validation errors … customers will see several pre-built workflow and form templates when you sign in to your account. All workflow templates in the Cloud come with short Guided Tours
  10. Using the Task List

    to perform it, is configurable by the designer and appears in the bottom left. v611TaskList2highlightedflownames.png The Tasks page lists your saved forms … The Tasks page displays a list of all your pending tasks by form/flow name. For each task you can: Click the QuickViewicon.pngicon to display a Quick View