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  1. Getting Started with Flows

    page that embeds the workflow. Live Forms makes this very easy to do. The form is configured so that the Employee only sees the relevant portion of the form … , the workflow is sent to the HR department to update records and/or comments. On This Page: Live Forms In-house Only If you are using Live Forms In-house
  2. Form Properties

    Previous Section | Next Section Click the header of any form and displays the form properties in the Properties panel. Most of these are obvious but let's examine a few. Save When Save is checked, the form submission is saved to the repository. If you uncheck this, then the data will not be saved by and you
  3. v53FormsDesigner-f-page-break_Example.png

  4. Editing Form Properties

        At the top of the Forms Work Area click the toolbar to access the form’s properties,which are shown in the lower-left portion for the Forms Designer. Forms have Settings, Style and Form Info tabs. 53PropertiesPanewithElementName.png Form Info Properties Form Setting Properties Form Style Properties
  5. Form Actions after Submit

    Previous Section | Next Section provides many options for you to control what happens when your form is submitted. Document Action Wizards These control what happens to the data. The document action wizards are accessible from the form designer toolbar via the DocActionicon.png icon. Click this icon and you'll see
  6. Form Info Properties

    The form info tab summarizes the settings selected and configured via the form and doc action wizards. What users will see? depends on the form action wizard configuration What happens to my data? depends on the doc action wizard configurations Doc URI settings depends on the doc URI wizard configurations
  7. Form and Doc Action Wizards for Flows

    The flow wizards provide the same functionality as the same wizards in the Form Designer. View the Form Wizards documentation for detailed information on using them. Note that some wizards are only available for forms and not for flows. The SharePoint Connector will not display on the Document Action screen if your
  8. Initializing Forms with XML Documents

    . On this page: XML document from Doc URI The form designer ensures the XML document used to initialize the form is valid for the XSD schema used to create …     Forms can be initialized by an XML document. This is most commonly done when the form is created from an XSD data source but can also be used with forms
  9. Valid Forms

      One of ' most powerful and useful features is its ability to automatically ensure that any submitted form generates a set of XML documents that are valid with respect to their corresponding XML schemas. The  application does this by: always generating valid XML instance documents and preventing form submission
  10. Designing Forms

    The ™ Designer is the heart of the simple, quick, no-coding required form creation process. The  Designer enables you to add controls quickly to your form, customize their appearance and layout, and add rules that affect the behavior of the form. For insights and research on the principles of good form design, we