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  1. Manage Submissions

    to production" means the server_go.gifDeploy icon for that form/flow on the Forms/Flows Home Page. was clicked to deploy the form/flow to the Production state and remove the Development…
    frevvo 81Feb 06, 2019
  2. Refresh Searchable Fields

    containing the designer account for the form/flow you want to update by clicking on the cog_go.gificon. Click Manage Users. Login to the Home page of the designer user account…
    frevvo 81Mar 15, 2019
  3. Employee On Boarding Tutorial

    form wizard by clicking on the add.gif New icon at the top of the Forms Home Page. Click the Next button to navigate through the wizard. Name the form Employee Information. Drag…
    frevvo 81Feb 11, 2019
  4. Palette Controls for Flows

    . This will launch the form designer where you can add controls to the form just as you would if you designed the form from the Forms Home page. Drag the New Form from the palette and drop…
    frevvo 81Feb 11, 2019
  5. Multi Language Support

    . Translating Your Form You can easily localize any form by clicking on the world_edit.gif icon next to a form on the Forms Home Page. This opens the Locale Home Page for that form
    frevvo 81Feb 11, 2019
  6. Data Sources

    Home Page. This method is typically used when your forms do not need to integrate with a back end system. You can mix and match these two approaches of form creation. You can…
    frevvo 81Apr 05, 2019
  7. Palette Controls

    to be customized (edited) to suit the form you are designing. The purpose of each control is described below. PalettewithCombonovideo.PNG On this page: Input Controls Input controls…
    frevvo 81Mar 08, 2019
  8. Setting Properties

    Name, Home and Cell Phones, Street, City, State and Zip code is dropped into a repeat control by the forms designer. The min and max values for the repeat are set to 1 and 10…
    frevvo 81Feb 11, 2019
  9. Spaces

    , the space opens the form in the page. A space also has a home panel and two optional panels at the left and at the bottom of its page. You can edit the content of any of these panels; you…
    frevvo 81Feb 11, 2019
  10. JSP Tutorial

    This tutorial demonstrates the Live Forms Data API Java Client library features using a web application and a JSP. The web application is created using JSP (Java Server Pages
    frevvo 81Feb 11, 2019