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  1. SharePoint Connector

    wizard guides you through connecting your forms/flows to SharePoint. SharePointDemoListfortopofpage.png On This Page: Live Forms - SharePoint Configuration Scenarios Cloud…
    frevvo 81Feb 11, 2019
  2. FAQ - Designing Forms

    to the frevvo home page. Just click your browser’s Forward button to return to where you were. You will not lose any changes if you were in the middle of editing a form.…
    frevvo 81Feb 06, 2019
  3. Administrator's Guide

    or a tenant admin. There are two types of administrators (see the Admin Home Page for full details): server admin (superuser): who has administrative privileges to the entire form
    frevvo 81Mar 08, 2019
  4. Forms Tutorial

    as the designer user. Click the upload.gifUpload icon at the top of the Application Home Page. Browse for the downloaded application zipfile. Do not check the Replace or Copy…
    frevvo 81Feb 06, 2019
  5. Editing Step Properties

    to click on the Task List menu tab to display it. If you do not have a task list menu item in your space, you'll end up at the space home page. See the Email Integration topic…
    frevvo 81Apr 05, 2019
  6. Using Forms

    your forms. v53useform.png Forms URL Parameters Initializing Forms with Data Making a Form or Flow Public Multi page forms Printing Forms Read Only Forms Save and Load…
    frevvo 81Feb 11, 2019
  7. Flow Designer

    the pdf associated with your form/flow. Click the RedX.png cancel changes icon to discard changes you’ve made to your flow and exit back to the Flows Home Page The current…
    frevvo 81Feb 11, 2019
  8. Printing Forms

    or at the table level. Use the PDF generation feature if you need a "Pixel Perfect" representation of your form. On This Page: Submission Document Form submissions can…
    frevvo 81Feb 11, 2019
  9. Manage Production Forms

    log in as a superuser admin, the page displays the production form/flows for all the tenants on the local server. Designers users can use the MY ACCOUNT > Manage Production Forms
    frevvo 81Feb 06, 2019
  10. Resources

    Live Forms Administrator's Guide Resources for Partners Partner Portal - demo account instructions; sales…
    frevvo 81Feb 06, 2019