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  1. URL Parameters

    described in detail below. Here are the parameters that work for each share choice. You can think of the code you get via the Share Form page as a starting point … of the parameters that can be used with form instance URLs.    On This Page: Parameter Separators in URLS If you are appending parameters to a URL, use
  2. Configuring the LDAP Container Security Manager

    should log in as nancy. The password would be nancy's password in LDAP. User nancy's home page will display. v53LDAPCSMwithnancy.png Since you are using LDAP … .    v53LDAPCSM2.png On this page: Active Directory Requirements There must be a frevvo.User group in Active Directory All the users in your LDAP-CSM tenant must
  3. Flow Setting Properties

    setting is described below. v613FlowPropertiesTab.png On This Page:   Flow Name This is the name you see on the Flows home page where your flows are listed. We … as a tool tip when you mouse over the area just to the right of the flow's share application_form_add.gif icon on the Flows home page. You also see
  4. Manage Tenants

    . See the Admin Home Page for differences between the superuser admin and tenant admin.  trial tenants in the cloud are initially configured with the frevvo … , form and control categories, and production forms. Click  application_form_edit.gifto edit the tenant information. This link displays the same page as the Edit
  5. FAQ - Java Client API

    : " + schemaEntry.getTitle().getPlainText()); } How do I get the url to a form so it can be embedded in my HTML pages? First get a hold of the corresponding … the form in your page inside an <iframe/>. How do I get the url to the form designer so it can be embedded in my HTML pages? First get a hold
  6. Licensing

    using this page. The form server will immediately update and run with the new license key. Just a reminder - You must request a v7 license … The licensing is based on the number of users who can simultaneously log into the form server. A ' user is anyone that is authenticated to  for the purpose
  7. Configuring LDAP(s) for Cloud tenants

    a user the permission to go to the home page of every other tenant user.  LDAP groups and users that will be considered ReadOnly. LDAP user and groups base … . Verify that the Application Home Page displays. v61LDAPlogin.PNG Log out from  Try to login with the user name and password of a non-designer user in LDAP
  8. DB Connector Tutorial

    forms used in this tutorial. This download is a  application zip file that you can uploaded into your user account. See Application Home Page documentation … CustomerOrderForm.png On this page: Introduction The database connector maps between HTTP requests issued from  forms to SQL queries executed against
  9. Designing Flows

    The ™ Flow Designer is the heart of ' simple, quick, no-coding required workflow creation. The Flow Designer enables you to create both multi-page forms and workflows that route your form through an approval process collecting Electronic Signatures  along the way. If you are looking for detailed step by step
  10. Flow Tutorial

    . v61anonymousapprovalmanagercombinedprocess.png   On This Page: What You will need: You need either a Live Forms Online account -- signup for a 30 day trial … >:<port>/frevvo/web/login Click the upload.gif Upload icon at the top of the Application Home Page.  Browse for the downloaded application zipfile