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  1. Manage Users

    . Click user_suit.gif at the top of the user list to add a new tenant admin user. Click Users_viewHomePageButton.gif to display that user's home page. Click … A tenant admin uses the Manage Users page to add new users, delete users, edit the properties of existing users and download/upload a csv file containing user
  2. Data API

    , including the ID (david) of the user who created the form. The browser returns the page below. BrowserAPI_controltypes.png If you click … The Data API provides a simple protocol for viewing and managing resources such as forms, applications, themes, schemas, etc. The API extends the Google Data
  3. Data API Tutorials

    and a JSP. The web application is created using JSP (Java Server Pages Embedding Forms and Workflows Follow … . On this page: Tutorials Getting Started with the Java Client Library Follow this tutorial to build a simple application to manage a contacts list. The tutorial
  4. Database Connector Release Notes

    Connector will be included with the Live Forms logging entries in the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\frevvo_YYYY-MM-DD.logfile. If you run the Database Connector with Live Forms … Review the database connector compatibility release matrix for your Live Forms version.  Database Connector Live Forms v2.5.6 Deployed to v8.0
  5. Purchasing FAQ

    the fine print. What is a submission? See the answer on frevvo's terminology page. What is a production form/flow … Live Forms Licensing and Pricing How can I signup for a free evaluation? How much does a subscription cost? What are the billing terms? What
  6. Embedding frevvo: A Getting Started Guide

    installed Live Forms, if necessary Login to Live Forms as user admin@d, password "admin".  Click the "Manage Tenants" link on the page that displays … page content + the embedded frevvo form designer. embeddedDesigner2.png The following snippet shows how.   ... // FormService fs (created
  7. Connectors

    as an add-on to either ' Online service or In-house installations. You need to install it into Confluence before you can add forms and submissions pages … databases. You can save form submissions in your database or initialize forms from a database. Note that this connector uses XML schema. See Database Connector
  8. Supported Platforms

    This page describes the supported platforms for Live Forms. The information on this page applies to the initial version of v8.0 deployed to the frevvo Cloud on October 20, 2018. Version 8.1 for in-house customers will be released on TBD. Web browsers - Designing Forms (desktop) Supported Certified
  9. FAQ - .Net Client API

    On this page: How do I login/logout to/from a Form server? The direct method for an existing user: See the C# code snipped below: FormsService … = ...; FormsService fs = ....; ApplicationEntry app = fs.GetApplication(appId); How do I get the url to a form so it can be embedded in my HTML pages? First get
  10. Patient Referral Workflow Tutorial

    page that embeds the workflow. Live Forms makes this very easy to do. Since the Nurse does not belong to the 'doctor' role, she will only see the relevant … of the page. On the page that is displayed, click the 'Manage Roles' link. Click the add.gif icon and in the form that is displayed type in the desired role. Note