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  1. FAQ - Business Rules

    using Linked activities? This question is best answered with an example. Let's say you have a two step flow that contains the following rules; When step 1 … form state initialization. This is what happens in the second step of this flow using linked activities. Note that changes to other attributes other than value
  2. Form Style Properties

    designed using Linked Activities. These types of flows result in a single linked printable form.  It will not work as reliably in a flow design that uses multiple … /flow, when a user clicks on the print link in use/test-mode or the print icon in a edit-mode flow. Print margins: Top, Bottom, Left and Right can also
  3. Generate Pixel Perfect PDFs

    property. Then add the same rule to the second form to populate it. Workflows designed using Linked Activities, should not exhibit this behavior.  Linked steps … have two separate views: form/flow View - canvas where the designer can drag/drop/edit controls/forms to create activities in a  form/flow. See Designing
  4. Getting Started with Flows

    cannot be edited from the linked activity but any edits made to the original step (parent form) step are reflected in the linked step. Click on the first linked … the "Manager" and "HR" roles. Click the Back to Manage Tenant link.  Click Manage Users. Notice that the user admin already exists by default and cannot
  5. Activity Document Action Failure combined.png

  6. Linked Steps in a Flow

    the Linked Steps feature of the flow designer. In this method, you create a linked version of a form for each step you want in your flow. One great advantage … are automatically propagated to its linked forms in the flow. Conversely, if you drag multiple copies of the same form into a flow to create steps, you'd have
  7. Spaces

    forms when performing a task from the Task List. Showing/Hiding the left panel may also be a factor. Show/Hide the Login/Logout Link It is possible to hide the login/logout link in a space. You may want to do this if your users are accessing a  space through your own portal using your own authentication system
  8. Detailed Release Notes

    ) [TIP-19450] - A submitted activity can be re-initialized and edited from the Email link if an Anonymous Task is the last step in a workflow. (#19482) [TIP … . [TIP-22341] Workflow designer step on-hover feature shows more information about the underlying form for linked/non-linked steps [TIP-20707] Task List
  9. Data API

    , and press Enter. The browser returns the page below. BrowserAPI_formtypes.png If you click on the Address Book link and either open or save the XML file … ="FORM"/> <link type="application/atom+xml" href="/frevvo/web/tn/!_W0jPga4rEeCMGZK99v93jw!david
  10. Palette Controls for Flows

    workflow using Linked Steps in a Flow the icon to download the form step will only appear on the parent step. 80DownloadStepasStandalone.png The downloaded file … configured actions. Activity doc actions are retained. Email Activity doc actions are copied to the Additional Email tab in the extracted form. Doc Uris