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  1. Palette Controls

    # and the Max # properties. Setting the min and max values to 0 or if the maximum # field is left empty means an unlimited number of files can be uploaded. Setting … after the decimal place. You may notice that the Max Length property for the numeric controls: Number, Quantity and Money is no longer present in the Forms
  2. Rules Examples

    calculated a sum in a Number control in your form and you want to display it in a Message control and format it as a money value with commas and decimal places.  You … controls for the hours and a Number control for the total. When testing your form, you enter values with decimal points and notice the total unexpectedly
  3. Setting Properties

    designer. The min and max values for the repeat are set to 1 and 10 respectively.The designer then decides to change the Control Type of the Repeat Control to a Table … . The min/max values for the table are the same as the repeating section.  A from-schema repeat that does not contain a section cannot be converted to a table
  4. Working with Rules

    enters a string value that cannot be converted to a number.  This property can be read as well as written. required : Set to true to make a control required … the following syntax with some limitations: try-catch Example: The value of the control named FN will get set to 'got exception' because the JavaScript variable
  5. Manage Users

    (.), hyphen (-) and the underscore (_) and cannot start with a number. Max length is 50 characters. Assign roles to the user. NOTE: Assign the special role … the value in bytes to the Max Attachment Size field on the Edit User screen.   EditUserwithMaxSize.png The value in this field overrides the max size value
  6. Generate Pixel Perfect PDFs

    -form controls placed within repeats or tables use the max number property to create multiple "instances" of the e-form field for mapping. Controls within a repeat … of 1 and a max value of 3 has an index of 1, the second instance has an index of 2 and the third instance has an index of 3. There are no restrictions
  7. Planning for v8.1

    file size per user by editing their profile. Add the value in bytes to the Max Attachment Size field on the Edit User screen.   EditUserwithMaxSize.png The value in this field overrides the max size value configured on the server level, as long as it does not exceed that value. For example, if the Server was set
  8. Manage Logged in User Sessions

    Concurrent users are Live Forms users that are logged in simultaneously. displays a max user limit has been reached message for tenants with limited concurrent users licenses when more than the allowed number of users attempt to log into . What does the Superuser/tenant admin(s) do if users are reporting this error
  9. Database Connector Release Notes

    version and revision number. #18620 - Generating max-length for SQL Server NVARCHAR #20532 - Ability to disable QuerySets and/or Querys while developing your … on December 15, 2018. You may notice the revision numbers for the Database Connector have changed. The revision number is now a unique 40 character string. Release
  10. Order Line Items Grid

    ,  will ensure that at least one row of the table is filled in with valid values. The Max is set to 10 meaning you can have at most 10 line items. You can change … it to any combination of values (as many values as columns in the table) that adds up to 100%. Finally, drag and drop a Money control from the palette below