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  1. Flow Setting Properties

    : v611attachmentflowsubmissions.PNG Show Logo This property is checked by default and causes the “powered by frevvo” logo to appear on your flow. Uncheck the checkbox to remove the logo … has been removed from the flow property pane in the Live Forms Flow designer. Flow Visibility is selected via the Access Control List wizard. You can access
  2. Browser API Reference Guide

    or by uploading an XML Schema. They can, however, be added/removed to/from a FormType. GET /frevvo/web/tn/{tenantId}/api/doctype/{id} And the server will respond … :                                                               Data API URLs Resource Description   Resource URI Users Feed  /frevvo/web/t/{tenantId}/api
  3. FAQ - .Net Client API

    in frevvo 5.3.  All references to Themes have been removed in frevvo 5.3. How do I Upload a custom script? string scriptFileName = ....; ApplicationEntry appEntry … (“myuser”); // interact with frevvo service.Logout(); Note that when you login, the .NET client API
  4. Layouts and Styles

    only be created by frevvo. They cannot be removed/edited by anyone including the  superuser. Global Styles are available to all tenants and users. You … between the controls has been removed. ExpenseReportwithCompactLayoutUseMode.png Lastly, this image shows the same panel when the Tight layout is selected
  5. Embedding frevvo: A Getting Started Guide

    This Tutorial will walk you through step-by-step instructions to embed frevvo within your own web application. We'll describe one specific path for integration … an in-house installation of frevvo. If you prefer to use a Cloud account, you'll need to contact frevvo After you have completed
  6. frevvo v8.0 Documentation Home

    Image from Website.PNG    Evaluate Live Forms  Administrator's Guide User's Guide Reports  Security Managers Integration HomePageFinal.png  Resources  Release Notes   Supported Platforms               Live Forms & Confluence In-house Installation                          
  7. DB Connector Installation

    to your  tomcat bundle. A Standalone Bundle is also available. frevvo only supports/certifies the Database Connector running in the tomcat container. Refer to our Supported Platforms for the list of Application Servers and databases supported/certified by frevvo. Cloud customers, who are integrating
  8. Form Setting Properties

    the “powered by ” logo to appear on your form. Uncheck the checkbox to remove the logo from your form. Captcha This feature helps to protect your forms against … message. "Submission is not valid. An incompatible change was made to the form/flow." Visibility The visibility field has been removed from the form/flow property
  9. Training Classes

        frevvo offers training seminars and classes for frevvo partners and customers. We are committed to ensuring your success. See more details below … and partners in small easy to attend power packed mini sessions on specific key topics. Students will benefit from attending either a single session or multiple
  10. Getting Started with the Data API - Java Client Library Tutorial

    activation-1.1.jar json-1.0.0.jar For your convenience all these required jars can be found in the Tomcat bundle in the /frevvo/ext/client folder. Make sure … like something: .../frevvo/web/tn/tutorial/user/admin/app_lJ8_ERH8EeCl2et9BuDRPg/form/_pkMVwBH8EeCl2et9BuDRPg?typeId=_pkMVwBH8EeCl2et9BuDRPg&locale= (in bold