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  1. Training Classes

    Rules for forms & Flow - See how to use the Visual Rule Builder to quickly add the most popular business logic to your forms without writing code. Learn tips … Workflow Training covers more complex workflow features, business rules, many different design patterns and testing scenarios . Duration: Each class is conducted
  2. Palette Controls

    scratch, when checked: control.value[0] === true If you use the Visual Rule Builder to build a rule with the T/F control , the resulting rule covers both … control, or this can be accomplished via a business rule. See the Business Rule for Textarea Max Length. v53TextareaPropertiesPanel.PNG Since users typically enter
  3. Flow Design Patterns

    or they can be fetched through Visual rule builder: Click on the + icon for Create New Rule Navigate to the new rule created and click on the red_pencil.pngto open the rule window. Click on the Run Builder Button to open the wizard On the first step enter condition EmployeeID in the first dropdown
  4. Data Sources

    ){ NonRequiredControl.required = true; } Same Rule as above built with the Visual Rule Builder DataSourceRequiredFieldsVRBruleexample1.PNG … the controls where you want by following the normal drag and drop rules, with one additional restriction: you cannot drag any control into or out of a repeat
  5. rule_builder_expression.png

  6. FAQ - Business Rules

    Business Rules have several quirky behaviors that will be addressed in a future release. Please read and understand these points before writing your first business rule.  Why do I need a local variable for certain cases ? There are rules scenarios where you can't use a  control directly in a rule expression
  7. Set a Future Date Rule form.PNG

  8. Writing Rules to Retrieve and Update Data in a Google Sheet

     business rules are used to retrieve and update data in Google sheets via the Google Connector. One advantage to initializing your form/flow from a Google … in the Google sheet are reflected in the form/flow without further action. Designers are encouraged to: Use http headers for authentication in  rules.  You can
  9. Control Templates for Common Rules

    the templates making sure you copy the rules associated with each template. For example, to publish the User Information template, drag the entire section onto … . If there is a Rules area with check boxes, make sure you check them all. The read-only check box will automatically get checked as designed. wizard.png Publish
  10. Compatability with Other Add-ons

    You probably have other add-ins installed in Confluence. On this Page:   Adaptavist Theme Builder This has been tested with Theme Builder 4.2.4 and Confluence 3.5.5. If you're using the Theme Builder add-ins, it will not by default show the menu items added by the  add-ins. However, you can modify the menus to add