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  1. Read Only Forms

    Normally, rules in your form are not executed in read-only mode. There is one exception: form.load rules will still execute as expected. Any rules that get triggered due to form.load output will also be executed. For instance, you can have a rule executed on form load that will select a tab named Review, of a tab
  2. Control Templates

    . You typically want to publish control templates when you create complex control with sophisticated layouts, field patterns, business rules, etc., and want … these control templates into a final form or flow. v53customTab.png Click Control Templates for Common Rules to see examples of common custom controls. On this page
  3. frevvo v7.4 Documentation Home

    100% Visual Workflow Automation Software Real-world processes are complex with exceptions, business rules, deadlines and conditional routing. frevvo's visual … visual-rule-builder.png Business Rules track-and-manage-v.png Reports Workflow Video Tutorial
  4. Reading from a Google Sheet

     forms can be initialized with data from a Google Sheet by retrieving the data from the spreadsheet using a business rule. Rule syntax and best practices to follow are discussed in the Writing Rules to Retrieve and Update Data in a Google Sheet topic. The example discussed below uses a form that has a dropdown
  5. Create a Dynamic Pick List from a Google Sheet

    Let's take a look at populating a dynamic pick lists (drop downs) using a business rule. It’s a very common scenario and, with frevvo, you can use business rules to dynamically initialize the options (choices) in a pick list from a Google Sheet. We’ll use this sample Google Sheet
  6. Update a Google Sheet

    at the same time.  On This Page: Rule syntax and best practices to follow are discussed in the Writing Rules to Retrieve and Update Data in a Google Sheet … : Add the Business Rule We’ve created a simple example form
  7. DB Connector Tutorial

    will return the same data as JSON. forms can use JSON data in business rules for dynamic behaviour. DBConnectorAllCustomersJSON.jpg We will use these features … a business rule We will use a business rule to retrieve the list of customers from the database as JSON and dynamically populate this drop down control
  8. Testing Workflows

    . Then the designer must log out as the employee, login to as the manager to continue testing. To test rules for the individual steps, click the red_pencil.png Edit … and business rules for the flow are added to Step 1. Both test methods allow the designer to thoroughly test Step 1. The Flow Tutorial is a fabulous way to learn how
  9. Employee On Boarding Tutorial

    . We'll use a rule to fill in the new employee and manager's names using the _data.getParameter.  Drag and drop text controls for the First Name, Middle Initial … the visible property for this control. Name this field FirstPlusInitial. This control will not be visible on the form. We will use a rule to combine the new
  10. Vendor Quote Workflow Tutorial

    : the ability to have people outside your organization participate in the workflow without needing a user account business rules to ensure the right … the linked step feature of frevvo and business rules to customize the view based on which step is being performed.  The steps are: click on the Employee