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  1. Defining SQL Queries

    to the Database Connector from a Business Rule The Database Connector supports URL parameters and JSON payload in POST/PUT requests. You can use and http.put() statements in a Live Forms business rule to send data to the frevvo Database Connector to insert/update records into your external database. Use
  2. Working with LDAP

    ,  retrieves the following basic user information from the LDAP server:  Last Name First Name Email address  Using a business rule, you can populate controls … attributes can be retrieved from the LDAP server by typing the attribute names in the Custom field on the LDAP Configuration screen and writing a business rule
  3. Linked Steps in a Flow

    do this in a flow designed with linked steps using the Security tab or Business Rules. One circumstance in which you might not want to use linked forms … step in the flow, DiningRoom, is assigned to the MaitreDHotel role, so that user sees the Guest Information tab. You can also use rules to show or hide parts
  4. Getting Started with Forms

    business rule to show/hide a verification field if the employee selects the sick option as the type of leave.  Watch this video … on the Certification field. This field is not visible on the form unless the Employee selects Sick Leave as the Type of Leave. This will be handled by a rule discussed later
  5. Expense Report Workflow Tutorial

    .  ExpRepFirstStepOnly.png There are sections in this form for the Reviewer, Supervisor and Accounting approvals. A business rule  controls when these sections are shown … .   The simple business rule shown below controls when these sections are shown/hidden as the flow progresses
  6. Forms Designer

    Sources. datasourceTab.png Form Outline This area is only visible when you are in the Rules view. The form outline list all of the controls in this form and all of the properties applicable to particular controls. The form outline is very helpful when writing business rules. You can copy/paste control names from
  7. Setting Properties

    tags at this website  These restrictions also apply to help, hint, label, validation message, rule name … to its label minus any spaces and special characters. Spaces and special characters are removed in order to make the name valid for use in rules and, for XML users
  8. Getting Started with Flows

    in the Flow designer. Let's make some changes to the Leave Approval form so we can add a rule to prefill the user name, id, email address and manager's name on each … that business rules work. The controls are named as shown in the table below. Make sure that the Control Name field is exactly as shown below including case-sensitivity
  9. Designing Forms

    , customize their appearance and layout, and add rules that affect the behavior of the form. For insights and research on the principles of good form design, we … Editing Form Properties Templatized Strings FAQ - Designing Forms Electronic Signatures  Generate Pixel Perfect PDFs Business Rules Layouts and Styles
  10. Initializing Forms with XML Documents

    parameter or a business rule that uses the rule identifier,form.load. This is because the form server needs to know the timezone in which to return the date and time … Database and the XML document.  Single digits for month and day in a rule or an xml document used to initialize a form will work only for the Date control