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  1. Testing Forms

    designers to test forms, business rules and mapped PDFs without leaving the form designer. Modifications needed after testing can be quickly addressed since you will still be in the form designer once you close the popup window. This is particularly helpful when building, troubleshooting, and testing forms, business rules
  2. FAQ - .Net Client API

    and documents is required. Methods without the filename parameter are deprecated. Add a Document to the builder from a given stream /// Add a Document to this builder from a given stream public FormEntryBuilder Document(string partName, Stream inputStream, string contentType, string fileName)   This method
  3. User's Guide

    Home Page Flows Home Page Designing Forms Designing Flows Electronic Signatures Generate Pixel Perfect PDFs Business Rules Layouts and Styles Data
  4. Confluence Add-on Release Notes

    Enhancement Confluence user profile attributes available in frevvo's Subject for use in business rules as subject.confluence.* as shown in the example below
  5. Initializing Forms with Data

    as the form loads from any Document URIs And finally default values set via Business Rules as the form loads and during use. See Setting default values in rules and using REST Services in Rules for further details. _data If you are appending parameters to a URL, use the ? for separating the form/flow URL from
  6. Leave Approval Workflow Tutorial

    field of each control is properly set. This is a critical step to ensure that business rules work. The controls are named as shown in the table below. Make … for each control and check the Required checkbox. The control values will be automatically filled in by a business rule. Control Label  Control Name
  7. Custom JavaScript Examples

    assurance team. Choosing an approach that is part of the product like Business Rules is a better choice than adding JavaScript since released versions undergo … a trigger control at the bottom of the first tab with a business rule to navigate the user to the second tab when the trigger is clicked. For example, when you click
  8. Customizing Behavior

    . Choosing an approach that is part of the product like Business Rules is a better choice than adding JavaScript since released versions undergo rigorous … /rules/includes.js file located in the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\webapps\frevvo.war. Includes.js is only for including javascript into rules that run server-side
  9. Database Connector

    The  Database Connector lets you create forms that read from and write to your database. Users can access data from your database using your , and if your business rules permit it, use the forms to update or delete the data as well. The connector translates the SQL queries you run against your database into a format
  10. SAML Security Manager

    complex. For example, retrieving the manager user id and role names may require writing custom rules. In this mode, manual creation of users & roles … Use the 'Import data about the relying party from a file' option to upload the saved xml file. In Edit Claim Rules, create a rule to map AD