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  1. Employee On Boarding Tutorial

    Steps 1-4 to do that: Login as the  in-house superuser admin. Click the add.gif icon to create a new tenant Fill in the Add Tenant screen.  Click the Submit … ) dropdown. Select it from the dropdown list when it displays. Click Submit Since the Employee, Allowances, Education and Confirmation steps are consecutive steps
  2. Multi page forms

    wizards in the first form. When the user clicks Submit on the first form, you can choose to: Display the second form with data passed from the first form - use … wizard.Suppose you have two forms in your application. One named ''formA'' and the other named ''formB''. When the user clicks the submit button on formA you want them
  3. SharePoint Connector

    realm and must be entered in the Realm field. FindtheRealmfortenantconfig.PNG Click Submit Browse http://<your server:port>/sharepoint/health (replace … Message controls with templates to the SharePoint Connector, the Save Value property should be checked. Click Submit. Click the SaveTesticon.PNGsave and test
  4. Manage Personal Information

    Users can use the MY ACCOUNT > Manage personal information link to view and edit their personal information. Type in the fields and use the drop-down list to make changes, and then click Submit. For example, if users have their Task List open all day, they can change the value in the Task Notification Preference
  5. Client Information Form

    to submit a form. When you click the Submit button, any invalid fields will be highlighted with an orange background color. You must enter or correct the data … information. We'll assume that you've uploaded the starter Forms Tutorial application above. Create the Client Information Form Click
  6. Reset Passwords

    account. Click Manage Users. Click either the All link to display all tenant users or click the letter that corresponds to the first letter of their username. Click the application_form_edit.gif icon to edit a user's profile. Set the password and re-enter password fields. Submit the form. Users can also click
  7. FAQ - Using the Task List

    Click the v53magnifier.png icon Select Joe's username from the Locked By User dropdown Submit the search form View the retrieve results and click … the Submission Status dropdown Click Submit View the results and click the v53application_edit.png modify icon Select a person you want to reassign
  8. Customizing Behavior

    = { setup: function (el) { if (CustomView.hasClass(el, 's-submit')) FEvent.observe(el, 'click', this.submitClicked.bindAsObserver … )); }, submitClicked: function (evt, el) { alert ('Submit button was clicked'); }, myHandler: function (evt, el
  9. Using the Task List

    the workflow from the dropdown and set any other search criteria. Click Submit.  Search for your task in the returned List. Click the audittrailicon.png Audit … The image below shows the Task List of Manager Jack Smith after Manager Jerry Mouse has claimed the Expense Report submitted by employee Giorgio Armani. Clicking
  10. Control Templates for Common Rules

    your control template by clicking Submit and then dismiss the wizard. Repeat the process for all control templates that you're interested in. Once you are done … the Templates Click Edit on the Templates Application that you just uploaded. It contains a single form named Control Templates. Edit this form. Publish