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  1. Testing Forms

    Submit When you close the Test popup, you will be on whatever designer page you were on when the save and test icon was clicked. This allows the designer to go … to validate the data. This means users will get immediate feedback while they are using your form. They do not have to wait until they click the form's submit
  2. Form Properties

    click to Submit the form, no further action is necessary. provides many more properties and settings. You can learn about most of these simply by experimenting … Previous Section | Next Section Click the header of any form and displays the form properties in the Properties panel. Most of these are obvious but let's
  3. Manage Roles

    the Manage Roles page. Click add.gif to create a new role. Type the role name and click Submit. Role names can contain characters, numbers, hyphens … roles for a tenant. Click the Manage Roles link to display the list of roles. The following roles are special and cannot be deleted: frevvo.Designer
  4. Submissions Stored Inside of Live Forms - Legacy View

    . Forms/flows that have been submitted display by default when you first click on the Submissions icon. If you select additional submission states from … submissions in the following states: SUBMITTED, SAVED  PENDING, ABORTED, ERROR and WAITING. Simply check the appropriate check box in the State section. When you click
  5. PaperVision or ImageSilo Connector

    (not field label). Click Finish Your form is now connected to PaperVision/ImageSilo. When you use your form and click the submit button the form image, and all … If you are submitting to a local installation of PaperVision then edit the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\ file and add the frevvo.pve.login.url
  6. Templates

    is selected. Click Submit to publish your template or click Reset to clear the three fields and start over. If you change your mind and don’t want to publish your … existing work you have done in previously created forms and to share that work with other designers. This chapter discusses Control & Form templates. Click
  7. Submissions Stored Inside of Live Forms

    the data was captured but there was an issue with the request.  For example, if you set the form action property to go to a URL after the user clicks Submit … , uploading a zipfile and submitting the form may exhibit some unexpected behavior when downloading the zipfile from the submission. Clicking on the attachment
  8. Testing Workflows

    users access it. To test the flows, just complete it as your users would and click Submit When you close the Test popup, you will be on whatever designer page you … There are two ways you can test your workflows. Method 1: Click the SaveTesticon.PNGsave and test icon from within the flow designer to save the changes
  9. Layouts and Styles

    controls will be highlighted with this color when the Submit button is clicked. If you leave this blank, invalid controls will be highlighted with the default color … without filling it, they will see an error. Example: - Changing the Color for Invalid Fields If you click on the Submit button in a form that contains invalid
  10. Custom JavaScript Examples

    , 'auto-submit')) { FEvent.observe(el, 'click', this.autoSubmit.bindAsObserver(this, el)); } }, autoSubmit: function (evt, el … CustomEventHandlers = { setup: function (el) { if (CustomView.hasClass(el, 'extra-submit')) { FEvent.observe(el, 'click