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  1. Flows Home Page

    . DesignerRefreshStart.PNG Click Submit. The message "Index batch was successfully started" displays and the submitted process shows in the Refresh Process list table … , as stated, this removes all associated saved/submitted/pending flow instances. Instead leave the original as it is and upload the version from disk by clicking
  2. Flow Design Patterns

    . Select it and it will add the template - {ManagerId} to the field. Leave the Assign to Role field empty. Click Submit. Workflow_Vacation_Request.png … to call your workflow URL. The rule shown below runs when the user clicks the Submit button and builds the URL
  3. Using Flows

    provides the reason for the rejection.   EasyRejectReasonanddwithnamescombined.png She clicks Submit on the Rejection screen and sees the "Task successfully … at the time of submission. Click on the Continue or Finish button in a flow that contains invalid data or required fields that are empty and the invalid controls
  4. Editing Step Properties

    additional tabs. You must click the Submit button when you are finished configuring Step Properties  to save your changes. Remember to save the workflow. will validate the Property Settings when you click Submit. If a property value is invalid, the tab(s) will not close and a  message will display telling the designer
  5. Forms Home Page

    to start the Refresh Process. DesignerRefreshStart.PNG Click Submit. The message "Index batch was successfully started" displays and the submitted process … . Click the Page Help button PageHelpbutton.PNGfor information about the features on the Forms Home page. This feature is only available for Cloud customers
  6. Refresh Searchable Fields

    the list of tenants that meet the search criteria: superuserstartRefreshjob.png Click Submit to start the process. The Refresh Job Status screen redisplays … for a particular form or flow for the details. Start the Refresh Searchable Fields Process Login as the server admin - admin@d Click the Refresh Searchable
  7. Planning for v8.0

    . Control Templates can be used in the email Subject and Message for dynamic behavior as well. Click Submit. At runtime, the value in the Assign to Email field … and Message fields. If the Message field contains the {task.notify.url} template, change it to {task.perform.url} or {task.list.url}. Click Submit. Delete the Email
  8. DB Connector Tutorial

    will fire when the form unloads (just after the user clicks Submit) and set the values of the hidden fields. We make sure that the Order has a valid customer number … empty. Set the Write method to POST. Click the Finish button. v53DBTutDOCURI3.png When the form is submitted,  will issue an HTTP POST request to the above
  9. Manage Tenants

    the plus icon to add a new tenant.  Fill in the fields with the information for your new tenant. Click the Submit button to save … a field. Click Submit to save your changes. The message "Tenant updated successfully" will display. EditTenantwithAzureinDD.PNG Be aware that changing
  10. Form and Doc Action Wizards

    and LastName. Click on Form Action Click on Display a Message. In the Message area of the wizard, type: Thank You {FirstName} {LastName} for submitting my form … on the Test button. Enter something into the First Name and Last Name controls. When you click submit,  will display the above message with {FirstName