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  1. Controls in the palette

    being displayed. Labels can contain spaces, long text, arbitrary characters etc. When the form is submitted, it's the value at left that is actually submitted. So, if the user clicks on the "Choose Red" option, the value that is submitted will be "1". In this way, you can display whatever descriptive options you want
  2. Email Integration

    Form submissions can be emailed to a recipient when the user clicks the submit button. To configure the form to send an email upon submission, open the form designer and click the DocActionicon.pngwhat happens to my data icon. This will launch the wizard selector. Choose the Email Data to Specified Address wizard
  3. Submissions Stored Outside of Live Forms

    recipients when the user clicks the submit button. frevvo can send an email formatted according to your requirements. You can use HTML and CSS to create nicely … of the email, you can attach a PDF of the form itself and any attachments that were submitted with the form. For detailed documentation on configuring the content
  4. Working with LDAP

    . v61RetreivedAttributesfromLDAP.PNG Click submit to save the changes.    Write a rule to populate controls in your form with the firstname, lastname, email address plus … .  Follow these steps to modify the configuration:   Login to as the tenantadmin. Click the Edit Tenant link. Type the custom attribute names (telephoneNumber
  5. Control Templates

    for adding or removing control template categories. v53CombinedPublishControlTemplate-2part1.png Click Submit and you will see a confirmation page that once closed … these control templates into a final form or flow. v53customTab.png Click Control Templates for Common Rules to see examples of common custom controls. On this page
  6. Flow Setting Properties

    to submit it with the corrected information. If Fast Finish, is selected on the flow or step level, the user can click the Finish button after making … has required fields that have to be filled in, when the user retrieves the saved task from their task list to complete and submit it, clicking the Fast Finish
  7. Azure SAML Security Manager

    in this section. Click Submit. CompleteAzureConfigscreen.PNG Step 5 - Logging into a Live Forms Azure SAML Tenant Paste this tenant specific URL into your … or with your Azure global administrator account. Click
  8. Palette Controls

    information.  Submit Control The submit control adds a new button to your form that, when clicked, will submit the form. By default, new forms already contain … for that form instance. An example can be seen when you click on the UseForm.pngTest icon in the  designer. The form URL will have the &_formTz=<tz> parameter
  9. JSP Tutorial

    = request.getParameter("targeturl"); if (url == null) url = "formtypes.jsp"; url = "doLogin.jsp?targeturl=" + url;      3.  Clicking the Submit button … and click Submit. You will see the formtypes.jsp page shown in the image:  LoginAsAfterLoginasDesigner.png Uploading the Tutorial Application Now that you have
  10. Configuring LDAP(s) for Cloud tenants

    , verify that the tenant admin user id is the LDAP user id for the tenant admin. Click Submit. You will see your new tenant in the tenant list … setup in flows are sent or not. Clicking the submit button tests the connection. Any errors are displayed at the top of the form. Here is an example