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  1. Linked Steps in a Flow

    easily do this in a flow designed with linked steps using the Security tab or Business Rules. One circumstance in which you might not want to use linked forms … to access the Property tabs for the flow step. 80LinkedFormsExample2.PNG Finding the Name of the Parent Step Hovering over the flow step name on a linked step
  2. Security Properties

    Clicking on a tab or section control in your form will show a Security tab, along with the Settings and Style tabs, in the properties pane. The top portion of the tab displays a drop down of  roles that are available. Roles are created by your tenant administrator or automatically imported from your LDAP or Active
  3. Accessibility and Live Forms

    Assistive Technology below. Key Combination Function tab/shift tab navigate forward/backward between controls move through different tabs in a tab … the controls in a section. When the last control in a section is in focus, the cursor advances to the next control in the form when you hit the tab key again.   Note
  4. Spaces

    A space is a web site that organizes and displays applications, forms, workflows, tasks, etc. A space has a tab for each application, and each tab has a drop … . Forms/flows must be deployed to production for them to automatically appear in an application tab menu. If the visibility of a form is restricted to a specific
  5. Read Only Forms

    triggered due to form.load output will also be executed. For instance, you can have a rule executed on form load that will select a tab named Review, of a tab control based on input from a name field. The rule below results in the Review Tab being selected if the name is Jack Smith: if (form.load) { name.value = 'Jack
  6. Update a Google Sheet

    in the URL of the Google Sheet). In this example, the name of the Google Sheet tab is Locations. Change the wsname= parameter to the name of your Google Sheet tab if you named the tab something different. Add updateparams: we’re updating location and extension with new values. Run the update – perform an http.put
  7. Palette Controls

    to display the date picker via a checkbox on the Style Properties tab. If checked, you will see the date picker inside the the date control and the date portion … a radio option as the default and later decide you do not want an option selected by default, you must remove that option from the control and tab out of the options
  8. Operational Reports for Business Insights

    . ActiveProcessesReport2withlabels.PNG When you access the Active Processes Report, the Summary tab displays.  The Summary tab is divided into two sections: A pie … . SummarySearchforPO.PNG The Details tab displays data for all of the active flow/form instances in the tenant. A maximum of 2000 records will be displayed
  9. Getting Started with Flows

    tutorial. EDEditApplication.PNG Click the Flows tab.  EGFCreateNewFlow.PNG Click the add.gifNew icon to create a new flow. Change the name of the flow … . Click the 80cogicon.PNGEdit Step Properties icon. Click on the General Settings tab. Name the step 'Employee' without the quotes by typing the name in the Name
  10. Layouts and Styles

    three layouts that can be applied to forms/flows. The Layout dropdown on the Form Properties Style tab displays the choices. They are described below: Nouveau … will not see the global styles on the Styles tab but they will show in the Style dropdown as choices. Tenant Styles - created/modified/uploaded by the initial tenant