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  1. Layouts and Styles

    three layouts that can be applied to forms/flows. The Layout dropdown on the Form Properties Style tab displays the choices. They are described below: Nouveau … will not see the global styles on the Styles tab but they will show in the Style dropdown as choices. Tenant Styles - created/modified/uploaded by the initial tenant
  2. Editing Form Properties

        At the top of the Forms Work Area click the toolbar to access the form’s properties,which are shown in the lower-left portion for the Forms Designer. Forms have Settings, Style and Form Info tabs. 53PropertiesPanewithElementName.png Form Info Properties Form Setting Properties Form Style Properties
  3. Form Info Properties

    The form info tab summarizes the settings selected and configured via the form and doc action wizards. What users will see? depends on the form action wizard configuration What happens to my data? depends on the doc action wizard configurations Doc URI settings depends on the doc URI wizard configurations
  4. Flow Info

      The Flow Info tab summarizes the settings selected and configured via the Form and Doc Action Wizards for Flows. What users will see? depends on the form action wizard configuration What happens to my data? depends on the doc action wizard configurations Doc URI settings depends on the doc URI wizard
  5. Planning for v8.0

    that is routed to an email address. Intuitive UI for Flow Step Properties: Flow Step Properties wizard displays tabs for each property. Help text provides … /edit your flow. Flashing green “bulls eye” to indicate the exact place where a step is to be placed. Flow Step Properties are located on tabs that are easy
  6. Custom JavaScript Examples

    , upstring.length - 1); } } Add CorrectCase to the CSS Class property of the control to enable this JavaScript.   Scroll to Top A Tab control with many fields in each tab, may require a long scroll to switch from one tab to another. You can use a trigger control at the bottom of the first tab with a business rule
  7. Control Templates

    : Custom Tab Area The Custom tab is like a favorite's area for the current designer. Adding control templates to or removing them from the Custom tab … templates published by designers in a given tenant, but only 10 of them have been added by the designer to his/her Custom tab favorites. Each individual
  8. Printing Forms

    and the printer icon is clicked the form is rendered in a new browser tab and a pdf document is generated and downloaded depending on your browser settings. The name … view and the print view. For instance, decorators and placeholders do not appear in the pdf document; collapsed sections will appear expanded; and tabs
  9. Reading from a Google Sheet

    , is used to provide the spreadsheet key to identify the spreadsheet.  The following URL query parameters are used: wsname  - the rule queries the worksheet (tab) of the Google Connector Address sheet named Sheet1. To connect to your Google sheet, change Sheet1 to reflect the name of the worksheet (tab) in your Google Sheet
  10. Flow Tutorial

    as the designer user. Open a tab in your browser. Browse one of the following URLs: Cloud: In-house: http://<server … Order application. Click the Flows tab to open the Flows home page. Click the New add.gificon to create a new flow. Click on the toolbar to display the flow