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  1. Flow Tutorial

    as the designer user. Open a tab in your browser. Browse one of the following URLs: Cloud: In-house: http://<server … Order application. Click the Flows tab to open the Flows home page. Click the New add.gificon to create a new flow. Click on the toolbar to display the flow
  2. Adding Steps to a Flow

    rendering clearly emphasizes the process and flow routing and makes the designer more intuitive. Adding a pre-condition in the Precondition tab, automatically … in the yellow diamond is one way to go directly to the Precondition tab for editing. PreconditionforAddingSteps.PNG If the following properties are selected
  3. Obtain an Access Token

    a column name, tab name or deleting a tab or Sheet.
  4. Order Line Items Grid

    the next column (Col 1), change the Label and Name to Quantity. Shortcut: after changing the Label, simply delete the Name and tab out.  will set the name … to OrderItems. If not, delete it and tab out. will set it automatically. Change the Min to 1. This means at least one Order Line Item is required. At runtime
  5. Forms Designer

    The Form Designer has several components. Each is described below. Click the tab names to open and close them to see the contents. Palette The palette … . v52Palette.png On this page: Custom Tab This area stores controls you’ve already created and customized so you can re-use them. Maybe you’ve created
  6. Style Properties

      To access a control’s style properties, click on the control in your form, then click the Style tab in the Forms Designer’s Property area … are specified in columns. The width is selected by clicking on a grid in the style tab. When you drag and drop most controls from the palette on to the canvas
  7. Visual Rule Builder

    /flow displays and users begin interacting with it. VRBInitializationOnlycheckbox.PNG When the rule displays in the Rule Builder tab, it will indicate … , the entire rule can be viewed in the Rule Builder tab. Click the red_pencil.png pencil icon on whatever part of the rule you want to modify. Click the up and down
  8. Submissions Stored Inside of Live Forms

    the Access Control feature. Non-designers granted view/edit permissions, access submissions from the Shared Items tab. A Shared Items link is added to newly … into . Jerry clicks on the Important Items tab in the space. Jerry clicks on the Shared Items tab. Jerry clicks the report.gif Submissions tab for the Expense
  9. Flow Design Patterns

    on the Assignment tab. Begin typing the role name then select the role from the dropdown options. Repeat to add more roles. Workflow_Patient_Referral.png … on the Assignment tab. Begin typing the user id then select it from the dropdown options. Only one user id is allowed. You can enter a template e.g. {ManagerId
  10. URL Parameters

    a browser Warning message when data has been changed and the user closes the browser/browser tab without Saving or Submitting. The default is true. Embedded form … instance. As you use the form and enter values into the form, the values are immediately cached on the Form Server as you tab to the next form field. If you close