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  1. Access Control and Shared Items

    to edit forms/flows. Users given this permission access the shared form/flow from the Shared Items tab even if they have the frevvo.designer role assigned to them. They can only edit the form/flow that was shared with them. They will not have the ability to create new forms/flows from the Shared Items tab. The ability
  2. Google Connector Release Notes

    with + characters in their names or tab names don't work #17848 - Read/Update Google Sheets does not work when password contains special characters such as { } # ? / \ ... #17992 - Read/Update Google Sheets does might not update the Sheet/Tab or might update the wrong Sheet.Tab if multiple Sheets/Tabs have similar names
  3. Initializing Forms with XML Documents

    encoding. One way to initialize a form using the xml from a submission is to use the form URL shown in the Documents tab in conjunction with the document URls … on the Documents tab. Copy the form link at the top of the xml. This link may show as the name of your document if the form was created from schema
  4. Submissions Stored Inside of Live Forms - Legacy View

    /edit permissions, access submissions from the Shared Items tab. A Shared Items link is added to newly created Spaces automatically and can be added to existing … the submission table on the iPhone: v613viewEditforsubmissionsonMobile.PNG You will see a Data, Signature and Document Tab. Click X to exit the form
  5. Form and Doc Action Wizards for Flows

    for Doc Actions. The action settings are summarized in the flow properties flow info tab. When you drag/drop a form into a flow the form's Doc Action does not get
  6. Digitech ImageSilo Tutorial

    project. Click the DocActionicon.png what happens to my data? icon toolbar button. The wizard launches and you will see three tabs labeled "Doc Actions", "Additional Emails" and "Doc URIs". The Doc Actions Tab is selected by default. Click the "Save to ImageSilo or PaperVision Enterprise" button. This launches
  7. Save your Submissions to a Google Sheet

    Sheets wizard.  Edit your form. Click the DocActionicon.png what happens to my data? icon in the designer toolbar. Click on the Doc URI tab … e.g. see the Graphs Tab in our example sheet and you can
  8. Adding Controls - Drag and Drop

    - If you are hovering over a group control--tab, panel, table, section or repeat--this means your control will be placed inside the group control … and below the Section, Tab, Table, Repeat and controls. Panels can be dropped to the left or right of other panels, however, you cannot drop other
  9. Palette Controls for Flows

    ’ flow palette contains all of the forms you have already created in the Forms tab of the application you are currently editing. These forms are available … configured actions. Activity doc actions are retained. Email Activity doc actions are copied to the Additional Email tab in the extracted form. Doc Uris
  10. Flow Design Patterns

    on the Assignment tab. Begin typing the role name then select the role from the dropdown options. Repeat to add more roles. Workflow_Patient_Referral.png … on the Assignment tab. Begin typing the user id then select it from the dropdown options. Only one user id is allowed. You can enter a template e.g. {ManagerId