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  1. Employee On Boarding Tutorial

    . Type the text "New Employee Onboarding Form" in the message area. You can bold the text by checking bold on the Style tab for the message control. Drag … and Last name fields. Click the Style tab and adjust the widths of the three fields so that they are next to each other on the same line. Check the required
  2. Flow Style Properties

    and cancel button with rounded corners. Layouts are selected on the flow property Style tab and are applied to all the forms in your flow. This ensures
  3. FAQ - Using the Task List

    : Login to your tenant as the tenant admin Click the Home link in the upper right corner of the page (to the left of the LOGOUT link) Click the Tasks tab … of the LOGOUT link) Click the Tasks tab Click the magnifier.png search icon Select the form you're searching for from the Form/Flow dropdown Select Pending from
  4. Client Information Form

    background changes color to indicate that it is required. In the Properties panel, click on the Style Tab and set the width to 6 grid columns using the selector … are available but we suggest leaving this setting at Automatic. Click the Style Tab in the Properties panel and change the width to 3 grid columns. Now, select
  5. Flow Designer

    below. On This Page:   Palette  The palette contains all of the forms in your application's form tab, a new form, an HTTP and a Summary step. Click on the form … or clicking on the 80cogicon.PNG Edit Step Properties icon in a section of the Properties Navigator immediately displays the property tab for editing
  6. Designing Steps in a Flow

    of your workflow. The choices are: Use individual form as your steps Use Linked steps For example, if you were creating a workflow from a fifty tab Excel spreadsheet, you can create forms for each tab then drag the individual forms into your flow for your steps. Workflows where one form gets routed to a lot of people
  7. Valid Forms

    . v614InvalidDatawithSubmitEnabled.PNG When a form has sections or tabs, the submission may not be allowed due to invalid controls that are not currently visible. For example, a section that is collapsed or a tab that is not currently selected may have an invalid control. This is indicated in the header section and tab label color changing
  8. Vendor Quote Workflow Tutorial

    ) Click on the SettingBlue.png to go into the flow step properties In the settings tab enter 'Send to Vendor' in the Continue Label field Click Submit … to the flow. Click on the 2nd step in the flow. Click on the SettingBlue.png icon to open the Flow Step Properties. In the Settings tab Name the step
  9. Signing Forms

    by clicking on the header and in the Properties panel, click on the Security Tab. In the Signature property, select Text/Signature image. See that a "Sign
  10. Google Connector

    all sheets that are available for integration in the dropdown. Reduces the chance of another user changing a column or worksheet tab name which could break