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  1. Google Connector

    all sheets that are available for integration in the dropdown. Reduces the chance of another user changing a column or worksheet tab name which could break
  2. Using Flows

    in a long flow, may loose that data if they close the browser/browser tab without saving or submitting. Browser messages will popup to confirm or cancel the window\tab closing action to avoid the loss of data. Refer to Unsaved Changes Warning Message topic to see how this feature works. Designers should consider the Save
  3. Patient Referral Workflow Tutorial

    for this Section. by clicking on the Section header and then on the Security Tab in the properties pane to the left. In the Security Tab, the Must Sign box is checked … , allowing people to use tablet touchscreens as easily as a desktop computer. Both options are available through the section tool, in the security tab.  Simply
  4. Form Setting Properties

    , Message, Form Viewer and video controls will not show up in the Searchable field lists as there is no value to save or query against. Also, group controls (tabs … listed in the Available Fields tab that you want to use as search criteria to the Searchable Fields tab. You can change the order of the fields when you move
  5. Data Sources

    Source tab into your form; instead when you click the add.gif icon the generated controls are automatically added to your form. The controls are added above … of the form’s XML submission documents or how submission data is captured. When a from palette form's XSD is imported as a Data Source into a new form, tab controls
  6. Forms

    triggered by either the form.load or form.activate conditions. If you close your browser window/tab and again open the form via the share URL, you will again get … embedded forms, try setting the height of the form manually. Open the form in the Forms Designer, click the Style tab in the Properties panel, and and type a value
  7. Layouts - 12 column grid

    the Style Tab and check the New Line property. That's it. Panels A Panel is a grouping control that can contain other nested controls but is not visible to the end
  8. Writing Rules to Retrieve and Update Data in a Google Sheet

    (tab) named Sheet1.   v613GC21Queryparameters3.png   All references to Google Sheet columns in your rule MUST be lower case and cannot contain spaces
  9. Manage Roles

    applications to this account by clicking Upload. PublisherHomePageDesignerUsers.PNG Click the Edit.pngEdit icon, then click the Forms or Flow Tab. The publisher
  10. Controls in the palette

    and checkboxes with many choices. Sometimes you want to lay them out horizontally rather than one below the other. To do this, simply click on the Style Tab … . Of course, you can customize these using the properties available to you in the Style tab. Formatting text in the message body, for example, bold text, lists