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  1. Form and Doc Action Wizards

     labeled what happens to my data for Doc Actions. The action settings are summarized in the form properties Form Info tab. v53FormsToolbar.png An email notification … on the Additional Email tab to configure your email. Refer to How to setup Multiple Document Actions for an example. Form Action Wizards The form action wizards
  2. Rules Examples

    or Signed Section when the workflow reaches the approval step. Show/Hide a Tab on a Workflow Step See the documentation for Data Sources and Schemas for details … the value in Nickname. ShowHideNicknameThankyoumsgscreen.png ShowHideNicknameThankyoumsgwizardcombined.png ShowHideNicknameThankyoumsgrule.png Show Tabs
  3. Electronic Signatures

    whether you choose Wet Signature or Text/Signature Image on the section security tab in the designer. v53SectionSecurityTabforSigwith DD.png A signed section … and click the Security tab in the properties panel. The bottom portion of the tab is relevant to signatures. Refer to Security Properties for information
  4. Setting Properties

    in the format selected. Form designers can elect to not show the date picker by unchecking the Date Picker checkbox on the Style tab. The default format is a new option … but you can deselect it by unchecking the Date Picker checkbox on the Style tab. You cannot enter a time value without a date value.  The time input field cannot
  5. Flows Home Page

    collecting digital signatures along the way. The Flows home page appears when you click on the Flows tab. 80FlowsHomePage.PNG On this page: You won't see any … production account if the form is deployed. Edit the Application where your flow is located. Click on the Flows tab. Edit your workflow. Add the Product Name
  6. Customizing Behavior

    custom JavaScript to  via the Scripts tab on the left menu inside your application. Follow these steps: Your custom JavaScript must contain the comment … the JavaScript. Click on the Script tab located on the left menu. JavaScriptUpload.png Browse your hard drive for you script file, Click Upload. Your file
  7. Templates

    creating a new form, click the Templates tab on the Forms Home Page. Choose Forms by Category or Forms by Tag which display along with Controls by Category
  8. Create a Dynamic Pick List from a Google Sheet

    > to reflect the name of the worksheet tab in your Google Sheet. The rule executes when the form loads and performs an http.get() then evals the results
  9. Testing Forms

    are invalid or required and empty. Test your form and enable the firebug tool. Open firebug's HTML tab and search for all instances of s-invalid using the search … in the Firefox browser. Test your form and enable the firebug tool. Click on the Console tab. Execute this JavaScript function
  10. Detailed Release Notes

    displays tabs for each property. Help text provides information about the property to make configuration easier. Data is validated in some fields to prevent errors