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  1. Multi Language Support

    your language preferences in the Firefox browser: Click on the File menu, then select Options FirefoxFileMenu.png Click the Content tab and then click … ¹´æ‰é¥¿äº† Dropdown=的人哦批的哦我年 Radio=人啊的哦批 Checkbox=才和饿才可不哦小 Section=是饿才他哦哦年 Repeat=人饿批饿啊他 Tabs
  2. Flow Setting Properties

    a wizard. The wizard displays the fields from your flow on the Available Fields tab . Drag and drop or use the arrow keys to move the available fields to the Searchable Fields list. If the Legacy Submissions view is configured, designers will see a Saved fields tab listing the fields used for the Export to Excel feature
  3. Form Style Properties

    on the toolbar to display the form/flow Properties panel. Click the Styles tab. Don't forget to save your changes. v613StylesTabwithPrintStylesonlyPNG.PNG
  4. Working with Rules

    and true to make the control visible. value : Read or write the value of a control. This is not applicable to sections, tabs and other controls where it does … it. This is not applicable to sections, tabs and other controls that do not make sense to disable/enable. expanded : Set to false to collapse a group control (sections controls
  5. Generate Pixel Perfect PDFs

    tabbing/clicking off the the index field. The index field is disabled for non-repeating Live Form fields. Search Text Box Use this to search for mapping … field. Clicking on the generated form name in use mode displays the form in a separate window/tab. The form can then be viewed or downloaded via the Save
  6. Submissions Stored Outside of Live Forms

    . To use this, Edit your form and click the Doc Action button in the toolbar at the top. Click the Doc URIs Tab and click the Manually set document URIs button
  7. Configuring the LDAP Security Manager for In-house

    for IE. To configure the Intranet sites for IE, Open IE and select "Tools > Internet Options...". Select the "Security" tab, click on the "Local intranet" icon
  8. Initializing Forms with Data

    page in the <textarea> tag. The <ns:form> content came directly from a prior form submission and was copied out of the  submission repository's Documents tab
  9. Creating a Form Connected to your Database

    control is formatted as a checkbox, a labels property will display in the properties settings tab for this control. Enter your checkbox options here
  10. Using the Task List

    user account has the special frevvo.designer role, you must click on the My Tasks tab to view your tasks. Customers using a  space, may have to click on the Important Items tab to access the Task List. The Control_rewind.pngicon expands and contracts the task list . It will show a menu with two selections, My Tasks