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  1. Operational Reports for Business Insights

    in. Change the Time Period - the number of days you want to look-back for submission errors from the default value of 7 to 30, 60 or 90 days by selecting … the Details button in the initial view to drill down on the selected time period and selected form/flow. Clicking on the gauge does not drill down
  2. Refresh Searchable Fields

    controls should be set up as Searchable fields. Forms/flows can be a work in progess - requirements change over time. What happens if you need to add or delete … appears in the table with a status of STARTING. A Start date/time for the queued process does not get assigned until the job is actually running
  3. Setting Properties

    property is also used to change a date control to a time or date/time control. See Date, Time, Date/Time for more information. v53controltype.png There are some … As property is not available for the following schema controls: Message, Date, Time, Date/Time and T/F. Repeat controls can only be changed to tables and vice
  4. SAML Security Manager

    creating/uploading users and roles ahead of time nor does it remove the need to continuously update the users when changes are made in LDAP.  If you have … may not do what you expect. If the user’s role changes after 1st login but before the next task is routed to their new role, the task will not appear
  5. Rules Examples

    for a Time Sheet and many more.... You may want to populate selection control options by pulling from a web service or database. You can do this without … imagine you do not know the label, help or hint at design time but would rather set it dynamically when a user opens your form. Create this rule using the Rule
  6. Security Managers

    Manager Azure SAML Security Manager Which Security Manager do I choose? Changing the Security Manager for your Tenant frevvo Default Security Manager … way to do this. Partial sync if discovery mode ( “auth only” off). User details and user’s roles are automatically discovered each time the user logs
  7. Initializing Forms with XML Documents

    . formlinkfromsubmission.png Change the //host:port of the URI to frevvo:// form URL from the Documents tab … /60308297-e558-4ba6-a295-9008d96f7abe Copy the modified link to the Manually Set Doc URIs wizard. Remember to set the method to GET.    Save the changes
  8. Valid Forms

    in the types.xsd file. Be aware that if you modify the types.xsd file, you will have to make this change each time you perform a  upgrade or apply a  patch … the built-in values in the types.xsd file. Be aware that if you modify the types.xsd file, you will have to make this change each time you perform a  upgrade
  9. Working with Rules

    are allowed for date/time controls. Finally t1 does not specify a timezone so  assumes the browser's timezone. If the browser is running in EDT America/New_York, then "20 … that is not a valid UTC time initializer.  makes an attempt to parse the times and does fairly well in this case. But due to the incorrect syntax the date/time control's
  10. Data Sources

    document that you will see in the Submissions repository each time users submit your form, even if you do not end up generating a control from the element. Therefore … you can make in the Forms Designer: Change the control Name — although this does not change the underlying XSD element name. Create rules that rely