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  1. Palette Controls for Flows

    types for flow steps are Summary, http and Anonymous Task. The purpose of each is described below. FlowPalette2.png On This Page: Keeping your Forms … in the audit trail.   Anonymous Task Use of the Anonymous Task step requires that the ACL for "who can use the flow" is set to Public. This is because your
  2. Using the Task List

    for a Mortgage Application workflow that was initiated by an anonymous user ("By:Anonymous "). Next the task was performed by the user m1. Next user s1 rejected … . The flow was initiated by an anonymous user and then performed by user m1. The tenant admin then aborted the task. Abort removes the task from everyone's task list
  3. Adding Steps to a Flow

    A flow step can be a form that you created in the Form Designer or a New Form, Summary, http Wait-Notify or Anonymous Task from the flow designer palette … Task Info Allow Sign Pad Printable Style: Orientation
  4. Flow Setting Properties

    and Anonymous Task steps, once performed, display with a faded blue color indicating that the flow cannot be reset to this step. Skipped steps display … , there is no way to return to the first step. v53NavToolbarCombinedFirstSecondAct.png Anonymous Screenflow Navigation Use of the Anonymous Task step requires
  5. Flow Design Patterns

    , named ClientEmail, where the sales person enters the customer's email address. Step 2 is the Anonymous Task step.  It is configured with the {clientemail … on the link, the flow is suspended until step 2 is completed. The anonymous user receives the Task Notification email, clicks on the link and accesses
  6. Flow Tutorial

    work. Click the RedX.pngCancel icon to return the the Flow Designer canvas.   Drag the Anonymous Task from the Palette and drop it in between the PO and Client Approval steps. Click on the Anonymous Task step.  Enter the template {ClientEmail} into the Email address property. ClientEmail is the field in Step 1
  7. Detailed Release Notes

    sections display if Approver 1 clicks on an Anonymous Task link for the second time before Approver 2 accesses the task (#22034) TIP-22051 - Field data is missing … .  Refer to the Confluence Add-on Release Notes compatibility table.  TIP-22424 - Links in Anonymous Task emails {task.notify.url} should not be generated using
  8. Using Flows

    in a screenflow consisting of an Anonymous Task step followed by multiple sequential anonymous steps. The anonymous user is brought back to the flow …   Examples of Approving/Rejecting workflow tasks and Important topics about the behavior of workflows are discussed below. In-house customers can find more
  9. Vendor Quote Workflow Tutorial

    to fill out the project details an Anonymous Task step to send an email to the vendor a form step for the vendor to provide quote information a form step for the employee’s manager to review Start by dragging a single form step on to the flow designer workspace and then an Anonymous Task step directly below
  10. Planning for v7.4

    has been renamed to Anonymous Task Ability to display a customized warning message when a user tries to delete a repeating section or table row   Captcha … Properties panel. Email Step for workflows renamed to Anonymous Task The Email step in a workflow has been renamed to Anonymous Task in the Flow designer