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  1. Security Managers

    enables queries. On-premise AD services can be exposed via Azure providing a clean way to integrate with the frevvo cloud. Delegating Security Manager - this is the Security…
    frevvo 80Oct 01, 2019
  2. Configuring LDAP(s) for Cloud tenants

    such as AD 2000. It is important that the hostname in the certificate matches the hostname in your ldaps url. Simple or external SASL authentication over TLS (Transport Layer Security…
    frevvo 80Feb 27, 2019
  3. Azure SAML Security Manager

    Live Forms supports the Azure Security Manager for Single Sign On. Users/roles are automatically pulled from Azure AD into Live Forms cloud tenants and on-premise installations…
    frevvo 80Sep 06, 2019
  4. Supported Platforms

    version) Identity Providers Supported Certified LDAP Microsoft AD, Open LDAP SAML 2.0 Okta, ADFS, Google Apps Azure AD, Shiboleth On This Page: End of Life…
    frevvo 80Sep 07, 2018
  5. Configuring the LDAP Security Manager for In-house

    and frevvo.Designer groups are specified on your LDAP/AD server. The group names must be spelled as shown. Upper/lower case may be a factor for Open LDAP systems. . Tenant admin users must…
    frevvo 80Aug 22, 2019
  6. Flow Design Patterns

    . AuditTrailforHistoryMessageforFlowDesign.png Ad hoc workflow - pass steps between arbitrary users In some cases, you may want multiple actions taken during a step in the workflow but in an ad-hoc manner. For example…
    frevvo 80Aug 22, 2019
  7. FAQ - Live Forms and LDAP

    configured in and check if the result is correct. A user that should be a designer logs in but can't design forms Login to your LDAP/AD Server. Make sure you have a group defined…
    frevvo 80Jul 27, 2018
  8. Manage Tenants

    the authentication using LDAP directly. Azure SAML Security Manager - Allows the on-premises AD to be exposed to the cloud via synchronization with Azure AD. Uses the graph API to access…
    frevvo 80Dec 07, 2018
  9. Working with LDAP

    is integrates with an external LDAP/AD system and is in full control of user authentications. Use the LDAP Security Manager in this situation. Refer to Configuring the LDAP Security…
    frevvo 80Aug 22, 2018
  10. SAML Security Manager

    : Customers using LDAP must ensure that the frevvo.User, frevvo.TenantAdmin and frevvo.Designer roles are specified on their LDAP/AD server. All users requiring access to must…
    frevvo 80Mar 01, 2019