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  1. Editing Step Properties

    , Assignment, Messages, Rejection, Precondition, Escalations, Emails, Web Hook, Quick Approval and Geo Location as shown in the image above. Clicking the 80cogicon.PNGEdit Step Properties…
    frevvo 80Apr 05, 2019
  2. Palette Controls for Flows

    Properties icon on a flow step displays tabs to set up Settings, Assignment, Messages, Rejection, Precondition, Escalations, Emails, Web Hook, Quick Approval and Geo Location…
    frevvo 80Dec 03, 2018
  3. Planning for v8.0

    already been processed" error message now displays when clicking the link in an Anonymous Task step email more than once. Refresh Searchable Fields: Designers…
    frevvo 80Aug 27, 2019
  4. Flow Tutorial

    fields to describe the requested services and business rules to calculate the cost. We will add a form action to customize the message displayed to the sales person when…
    frevvo 80Dec 10, 2018
  5. Employee On Boarding Tutorial

    and drop an image control from the palette to the canvas. Use this to upload a company logo image, if desired. Drag a message control from the palette and drop it next to your…
    frevvo 80Feb 27, 2019
  6. Patient Referral Workflow Tutorial

    , [optionally] notifies the Doctor by email and displays a confirmation message to the Nurse. When the Doctor logs in, she visits a web page that displays an electronic task list…
    frevvo 80Nov 07, 2018
  7. Getting Started with Flows

    . Click on the Assignment tab. Assign the Manager role to this step by selecting it from the Assign to Role dropdown. Click on the Messages tab. Add a customized message
    frevvo 80Dec 10, 2018
  8. Using Flows

    Changes Warning Message Users, filling in a lot of data in a long flow, may loose that data if they close the browser/browser tab without saving or submitting. Browser messages
    frevvo 80Nov 09, 2018
  9. FAQ - Business Rules

    . In a nutshell this particularity of the implementation can be explained this way: The right hand side of an assignment expression resolves to the value of a control passed to a rule…
    frevvo 80Jul 27, 2018
  10. Working with Rules

    named firstname or lastname because the firstname and lastname controls are on the right side of the assignment operator. fullname.value = firstname.value + ' ' + lastname.value…
    frevvo 80Sep 18, 2018