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  1. Setting Properties

    this feature with the ComboBox control is described below. supports data returned from RESTful web services formatted in either XML or JSON. The frevvo Database … Options for the ComboBox Control The ComboBox control supports three types of data retrieval: frevvoUsers, frevvoRoles and Web Service. The source
  2. Detailed Release Notes

    submissions table when using the IE11 browser. [TIP-22357] - Combobox list doesn't clear after selecting an option. [TIP-22362] - The selection of a combobox … ] - Selecting an option for a dynamic ComboBox causes the form to jump to the top of the screen. [TIP-22406] - Task Search query takes minutes to execute due
  3. Palette Controls

    a list of options instead of having to enter text.   Dropdown Radio Checkbox ComboBox T/F Dynamic Options Options for the Dropdown, Radio and Checkbox … box for additional information when the last option in the selection control is chosen.  ComboBox The ComboBox control supports three types of data retrieval
  4. Manage Users

    is a ComboBox. Begin typing the userid of the person this user reports to and a list of matching users displays. Select the Role and Enabled field values from … the Max Attachment size per user etc...The default size for attachments is 10485760 bytes. EditUserwithMaxSize.png The Reports To field is a ComboBox. Begin typing
  5. Generate Pixel Perfect PDFs

    of the text field without any distortion.   E-Form Field Types acroform Field Types Checkbox Choice/Combobox (Single select) List Radio Button Text Push … /Signed Section         Yes   Yes Upload         Yes     Combobox         Yes     In general, all the controls listed, can
  6. Rules Examples

    . var x = Description.value; x = x.replace(/\\r/g,""); x = x.replace(/\\n/g,"<br/>"); DF.value = x; Selection Controls Dropdowns, Checkboxes, Radio, ComboBox
  7. Data Sources

    . The Display As property is not available for the following schema controls: Message, Date, Time, Date/Time, T/F, ComboBox. Required Schema Controls The required
  8. Working with Rules

    selection control (Dropdown, Checkbox, Radio and ComboBox) options from a RESTful web service Dynamic Options Logging Populating a selection control (Dropdown, Checkbox, Radio, ComboBox) using the Dynamic Options feature, requires the designer to examine the returned results from an entry point to determine bind