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  1. Embedding frevvo: A Getting Started Guide

    This Tutorial will walk you through step-by-step instructions to embed frevvo within your own web application. We'll describe one specific path for integration that's most commonly used by our customers. Obviously, there could be differences depending on the outer (embedding) application and its design. This Tutorial
  2. Embedding Forms and WorkFlows

        This Tutorial will show you how you can embed and workflows in your web site or web application. In some cases, you may wish to integrate authentication … to be authenticated for access control, digital signatures, participating in workflows, viewing their task lists or for maintaining an audit trail. On this page:   Embedding
  3. URL Parameters

    want to generate a debug console?  Defaults to false   Embedding the task list successfully into an HTML page requires setting its width. You must explicitly add … a browser Warning message when data has been changed and the user closes the browser/browser tab without Saving or Submitting. The default is true. Embedded form
  4. Forms

    requiring users to click scroll bars when using the form.  You cannot control the height nor the width that the form will use on your web page when embedded … form.  Just the iframe – This is similar to the Embedded Form option but requires you to specify your form’s width and height. In fact the script tag
  5. Spaces

    will see: * Important Items ** Task List|/frevvo/web/tn/mycompany/subject/( ** My Account|/frevvo/web/tn/mycompany/subject/( ** Shared Items|/frevvo/web/tn/mycompany/subject/( *HR ** Expense Report|/frevvo/web/tn
  6. Form Style Properties

    options. On this page: Width This specifies how wide your form will be. The default “wide" is 800px, but the dropdown also includes thin (450px) and regular (600px). You also may pick the custom option; this will enable the box to the right of the Width dropdown and let you specify your own width. Height
  7. Style Properties

    is described below. On this page: Width Most controls have a width property. For input controls, the property specifies the width of the area in which users enter data; for example, you might narrow a control used for entering zip codes or widen a control for a full first, middle, and last name. All control widths
  8. Layouts - 12 column grid

    to the device. Let's try it out: 2-column layout Drag and drop a Text control from the palette into the form. You can name it whatever you want but set the width to 6 … shown below: Different-columns.png After a bit of experimentation, it should be easy to figure out how the grid works. Any number of controls up to a total width
  9. JSP Tutorial

    we then get the Link to embed the users Task List. We use the URL Parameters container, center, resize and width to fit the task list to the space available … to edit Forms/Flows in design mode  View Submissions link to list all Form/Flow Submissions TaskFeed: embed task list SubmissionFeed: Logout of user account
  10. Using the Task List

    page requires setting its width, see URL Parameters for more details. Curly Braces in URLs for Embedded Forms, Flows or Task List Tomcat 8.5 doesn't allow curly … to a role (ex: Manager) to perform the next step in the flow, and you have that role. See embedding your task list.  You will see your tasks when you login. If your