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  1. Manage Form and Control Categories

    ) because you can search for forms by category name. Click add.gif to create a new form category. Type the category name and click Submit. Click delete.gif to remove the form category from the tenant. To edit a category name, type in its text box and click Submit. v53ManageFormCategories.png To assign a form
  2. Linked Steps in a Flow

    field on the Settings tab. For this example, the name of the first step is Employee. Click Submit. Click the 80Linkicon.PNG Link icon twice to create linked … to filter the dropdown choices. Click Submit. Click on the third step. Open the Settings tab in one of 3 ways: Click the 80cogicon.PNG Edit Step
  3. Flow Tutorial

    step and submit the form.  Click the Continue button to proceed to the next step. Fill in the Client Services Order.  Notice the Amount and Total Amount … are included in the pdf. Type "Send to client" in the Continue Label property. Click Submit. Click the Blue-Hyperlink.png Link icon to create a copy of this step
  4. Getting Started with Flows

    by . The Employee fills in the form, digitally signs it and clicks a Submit Request button.  puts the leave approval request on the specific Manager's task list … , the form can be sent back to the Employee to make changes. Once approved, the manager digitally signs the form and clicks Submit Request. In the final step
  5. Vendor Quote Workflow Tutorial

    and click submit Manage Tenant Page image2018-12-14 19:28:2.png Create Role Page image2018-12-14 19:30:12.png   Users can also only … User form Enter all the required information (use your email address) for the manager and click submit You should be back on the user list - click the add
  6. Flow Designer

    users will see when they submit your flow. Click the DocActionicon.png what happens to my data icon to configure what happens to the data when the flow is submitted. Click the RedLockicon.png who has access? icon to display the Access control wizard. This wizard is used to specify flow visibility, flow submission
  7. Valid Forms

    the error message, yellow background and the warning icon. When the user enters a valid value in the phone control and clicks the Submit button the form … and the user clicks the submit button having missed a few of them.  will not allow the form to be submitted due to the empty required fields. The user must provide
  8. Getting Started with Forms

    to sign the section before it can be submittedClick the Reddiskicon.png Save and exit icon to save work you have done so far. Add a Business Rule We … . Click the Sign this Section button to sign the form as the logged in user, in this case, the designer.  Correct any validation issues. Click submit. If you
  9. Forms Designer

    what users will see when they submit your form Click the DocActionicon.png what happens to my data icon to configure what happens to the data when they submit … the Enable if Valid property. If you click on the Submit button in a form that contains invalid data or required fields that are empty,  the invalid fields
  10. Form Actions after Submit

    as templates via the drop downs. Click Finish and save your form. Test your form, fill in any required controls and Submit. Check your email (for on-premise … frame, the parent window or the top window of the browser. Select Frame and click Finish. Test your form, fill in any required controls and Submit. See