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  1. Electronic Signatures

    supports Digital Signatures. Authenticated users can digitally sign a section, lock it down and prevent tampering with the data. Sections in forms/flows can be signed using a text rendering of the user's name (user credentials) or a previously uploaded signature image. The user must be be authenticated to the Server
  2. Patient Referral Workflow Tutorial

    out patient information including procedure to be performed.  Created a section for the Doctor called Doctor Signature.  Enabled digital signatures … . Set the Button Label for the first step to 'Send to Doctor'. Click on the second step. Click anywhere inside the  Task Assignment properties section
  3. Linked Steps in a Flow

    the sections using any of the Palette Controls. Minimally, you can use a table to collect the Expenses and a Signature control for the employee to sign in the Expense section, a TextArea control and a Signature in the Manager section and a Paid on Date and Reference Number field with a Signature on the Finance step. Save
  4. Flow Design Patterns

    on the workflow step then click anywhere in the Task Assignment section of the Properties Navigator. Add the role name(s) to the Assign to Roles field on the Assignment tab. Begin typing the role name then select the role from the dropdown options. Repeat to add more roles. Workflow_Patient_Referral.png
  5. Employee On Boarding Tutorial

    screen wet signature - the new employee can sign to verify the information using their finger or a pointer. Take advantage of device specific capabilities - you … -4 Allowances, Education History and will have an opportunity to confirm the entered data with their signature on a Confirmation form by reviewing a W  - 4
  6. FAQ - Business Rules

    be explained this way: The right hand side of an assignment expression resolves to the value of a  control passed to a rule when it is invoked. The left hand side …   What causes an "Invalid signature detected. Data may have been tampered with" error? This error message usually displays in multi-step workflows when
  7. Signing Forms

    Previous Section | Next Section Signing forms is one of the most common business requirements. With , you can sign in one of two ways. Wet Signature Control Drag and drop a Signature control anywhere in the form. You can name it, change the label, set its width as desired. When using the form, the user simply
  8. Getting Started with Flows

    a paper form and hands it to the Manager for a signature. The form is then faxed or delivered to HR where it is saved in a folder or scanned into the HR … label by typing it in the Continue Label field. Ex: Send to Manager. Click on the Assignment tab. Assign the Employee role to this step by selecting it from
  9. Palette Controls for Flows

    .  Clicking the 80cogicon.PNGEdit Step Properties icon on a flow step displays tabs to set up Settings, Assignment, Messages, Rejection, Precondition … property tabs to set up Settings, Assignment, Messages, Rejection, Precondition, Escalations, Emails, Web Hook, Quick Approval and Geo Location. Clicking
  10. Flow Tutorial

    again then click the Tablet or Smart phone buttons at the top of the test screen. Example 2 - Send the PO for Signature This workflow sends the Purchase Order electronically to the customer for their review and signature. The customer's email address is entered by the sales person on the first step. An email