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  1. Signing Forms

    Previous Section | Next Section Signing forms is one of the most common business requirements. With , you can sign in one of two ways. Wet Signature Control … this section" button appears at the bottom of the Section. If you check the "Must Sign" property, then the form cannot be submitted unless the Section is signed. Otherwise
  2. Electronic Signatures

    supports Digital Signatures. Authenticated users can digitally sign a section, lock it down and prevent tampering with the data. Sections in forms/flows can … a form using a wet signature. If authentication is required, Signed Sections should be used. v611LeaveAppwithTextandText-ImageSignatures.png No special hardware
  3. FAQ - Business Rules

    there is a rule on a subsequent step that executes at form load and updates values inside a signed section in a previous step. Here are some examples and solutions: Checkbox with Custom Options in a locked Signed Section Imagine a two step workflow designed with Linked Steps where step 1 contains a Checkbox control inside
  4. Getting Started with Forms

    can set up this as a Signed Section. Two types of signatures are available from the Signature drop down: Text/Signature Image or Wet Signature. Here … that the Lock checkbox is checked to prevent tampering with the signed data . Notice that a "Sign this section" button and a Signaturepencilicon.PNGpencil icon
  5. Designing Steps in a Flow

    namespaces, which would prevent them from merging. Digital and Wet Signatures in Signed Sections named the same in more than one form used in a flow … Section controls (which control nesting) that have different names in different forms. For example, suppose you have one form with a Section Control named Employee
  6. Accessibility and Live Forms

    . v61AlttextfieldonImagesforAccessibility.PNG Signatures When using signatures we recommend using Signed Sections with Text/Signatures Images as these are the easiest for people to use … Accessible forms/flows can assist users with visual and motor impairments. v6.1 can be used to build accessible forms/flows that meet Section 508 and WCAG 2.0
  7. Generate Pixel Perfect PDFs

    as they did in the previous version. This includes mappings for the special items listed: Signed section signature and signature date Radio, Dropdown … items: Signed Section signature and date signed, any single select comment field and checkbox, dropdown and radio options. Click the Properties pane header
  8. Working with Rules

    Keywords as control names.  For Example, a section named New in your form will cause rule validation errors if explicitly referenced in a rule. Your rule may still …    Controls nested in Sections For example, when a control is dropped inside a section control, it is at a different nesting level then a control dropped
  9. Employee On Boarding Tutorial

    an Approval control. An approval control is a section control in your form with a text area control inside of it. You can set up a signed section if you want the manager to sign after approving or rejecting the task . Drag and drop a section control into the Approval form. Name it Manager Review. Add a text area
  10. Patient Referral Workflow Tutorial

    for this Section. by clicking on the Section header and then on the Security Tab in the properties pane to the left. In the Security Tab, the Must Sign box is checked … will be automatically populated and the Doctor-specific signature Section will now be visible. After reviewing the information and making any changes, you must click the 'Sign