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  1. Multi Language Support

    of  (In-house only). Translations use UTF-8 encoding by default but you may also upload ISO 8859-1 (Unicode) strings. ArabicForm.png On this page:   Locale … to it. The appended &locale parameter will override the browser language setting of German and display the form in Spanish provided the appropriate translation
  2. Database Connector

    The  Database Connector lets you create forms that read from and write to your database. Users can access data from your database using your , and if your business rules permit it, use the forms to update or delete the data as well. The connector translates the SQL queries you run against your database into a format
  3. Testing Forms

    and are ready to roll out your form, mark it public or public in tenant via the NotPublic.png icon and make it available by sharing it. Forms can be translated to multiple … .  supports localization from the browser's locale setting. You can test the translation files you create and upload into  by clicking the UseForm.pngtest
  4. Accessibility and Live Forms

    a asterisk.  If users move ahead from a required field without filling it, the error, "You can't leave this empty <control name>" displays. The translatable string, You\ can't\ leave\ this\ empty: is included in the downloaded locale file for form/flow internationalization. Designer can translate this string
  5. URL Parameters

    the _formActionTarget below. locale=<locale code> --- This parameter enables you to translate your form into multiple languages If not, set the form displays with the language used in the form designer. If set to one of the locale codes the form displays translated to that language. apikey -- _formTz
  6. Defining SQL Queries

    are nested inside a <query> element and one query can include up to four SQL statements. This is part of the SQL-to-Browser translation—four is the “magical” number because under the covers the connector is translating the four basic SQL functions: create, retrieve, update and delete (CRUD) to the four basic browser functions
  7. Flows Home Page

    your own. The icons will display on the iPhone and iPad mobile devices.  Click the world_edit.gif icon to internationalize a flow with translations in different
  8. Setting Properties

    configured by the designer. The 'You can't leave this empty:' string can is incuded in the downloaded file used for form/flow internationalization. Translate …  By using this property, dates entered into the form get translated according to the chosen format and will be reformatted to match the selected format. A date
  9. Valid Forms

    of a form must be checked (default) to see the alert. This message can be translated into other languages. v613InvalidFormError.PNG Optional Sections
  10. Forms Home Page

    . Click the world_edit.gif icon to internationalize a form with translations in different languages. Click the page_world.gif icon to publish your form