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The Employee On-Boarding template is a frevvo workflow that's used by new employees to provide information required for on-boarding. It automatically generates U.S. Government W-4 and I-9 forms. First, the employee completes the needed information, views the generated PDF documents and confirms. The workflow is then routed to HR for review and completion. 

Employee Information > Allowances > Eligibility > Confirmation > HR Review

The video at right guides you through installing and using this template or you can follow the steps below.

Install and try out the Employee On-Boarding template in less than 10 minutes. Follow the Tutorial Video by clicking on the image above.



frevvo Cloud Account or On-Premise software installed with a tenant created. Click to signup if necessary.

Install Template

Click each step below to expand it.

 Step 1. Create Users and Roles
Workflows route between multiple users and/or roles, which you must first create.
  • Click here to download a CSV file.
  • Open it in any text editor, make the following changes and save the file.
    • Replace YOUR_EMAIL with your email address. This is used for notifications.
    • All passwords default to 123. You may change any password.
  • Login as the tenant admin user.
  • Click the Manage Users Link.
  • Click the upload csv users icon, browse to the CSV file you just edited and click Validate.
  • You may see several warning messages. If you see a thumbs down icon in the left column and the message email is invalid in the Error/Warning column, please edit the file, correct the error and try again.

  • Click the Load button. You should see something like:  "Users Loaded successfully. 9 Added, 0 Updated, 0 Deleted, 17 Roles Added."
  • Logout of the tenant admin user account.
 Step 2. Upload the Employee On-Boarding Template
  1. Click this link to download the template and save it (
  2. Logout of the tenant admin account and login as f_designer@<replace with your tenant id> (this user was created by the previous step).
  3. Click the  Upload icon at the top of the Applications page.
  4. Leave all checkboxes unchecked and upload the file.
  5. Click the Edit button for the Employee On-Boarding application that was created and click the Flows button at left.
  6. Click the  Deploy icon for the Employee On-Boarding workflow.
 Step 3. Create a Space

A space is a built-in portal that's very easy to create and makes it easy to test your workflow.

  1. Make sure you have deployed your workflow at the end of Step 2 above.
  2. Click the Spaces link at left. Click the New icon.
  3. Enter Portal as the Space Id and click Create. Make sure the Space Id is the string Portal exactly.
  4. Click the  Edit icon on the Space Home page. 
  5. Click the icon to hide the left panel.
  6. Click the  save and exit icon to save the changes to your space.
  7. Click the Share icon. Copy the share URL for your space and save it.
  8. Logout of the f_designer account.

Use Template

Click each step below to expand it.

 Step 1. Employee
  1. Go to the space you just created using the URL you copied in Step 3 of the installation above.
  2. Click Login and login as f_tom@<replace with your tenant id>.
  3. Select the Employee On-Boarding workflow from the Employee On-Boarding menu.
  4. Fill in the required fields and Sign. Make sure to use an email address that you have access to. Click Continue.
  5. Complete the Personal Allowances form. This information is used to generate your Federal W-4. See that you don't have to sign again. Click Continue.
  6. Complete the Employment Eligibility form. This information is used to generate your Federal I-9. Click Continue.
  7. Now you can click the W-4 and I-9 buttons to review the generated PDF documents. See that the data from the forms including signatures is rendered on the PDF documents in the appropriate places. If you need to make any corrections, click the Toolbar buttons at the top to go to the proper step. If you are satisfied with the documents, click Send to HR.
  8. Logout.
 Step 2. HR Review
  1. Check your email and click on the link to the space above or simply go to the URL you copied in Step 3 of the installation above.
  2. Login as f_sue@<replace with your tenant id>.
  3. Select Important Items > Task List. You should see the Employee On-Boarding created above.
  4. Click the  Perform icon.
  5. Complete the form, click the Finish On-Boarding button and logout.
 Step 3. View W-4 and I-9 PDFs sent in email

Check your email (the email address entered in Step 1 above). You will receive an email with the On-Boarding documents attached including the generated W-4 and I-9 forms. Of course, instead of email, the workflow can be configured to send them to an HR system, document management system, Google Drive etc.

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