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  1. Locate the frevvoDS data source url parameter.url="jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://localhost/frevvo". You can change the name "frevvo" to whatever you wish, "
    " for example. But it must match the database name you create in your SQL server. See verify connection Url below.
  2. Create a utf8 encoded database "frevvo" (assuming you left the url parameter database name as the default) in your SQL server
  3. In the
     installation locate the script <frevvo-home>/data/sql/forms-<database type>.sql. Ex: for mySQL the script is named <frevvo-home>/data/sql/forms-mysql.sql
  4. Run that script in your "
    " database. That will create all the tables required to persist submissions
  5. Set the frevvoDS data source parameters username and password to a user that has write permissions to the "
    " database.
  6. The submissions database setup is now complete.

Configure the LiveForms Live Forms users database

For your selected database type in frevvo.xml,