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supports Digital Signatures. Authenticated users can digitally sign a section, lock it down and prevent tampering with the data. Versions, previous to 5.1, allowed the form designer to put a section in a form that could be signed using a text rendering of the user's name (user credentials) or a previously uploaded signature image. The user must be be authenticated to the
Server.  Wet signature capture is now available in Version 5.1. A wet signature is a signature that is entered or created at the time of form entry.  Wet Signatures make it possible for the user to enter the signature using either a track pad/mouse, stylus or a touch screen in use mode. This feature becomes very important when designing
for Mobile devices. Refer to the PageBreak control for more information on mobile forms.

Both authenticated and non-authenticated users may sign a form using a wet signature. If authentication is required, Signed Sections should be used.

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No special hardware is required. All you need is a smartphone or a computer with a browser that supports HTML5. View this video about

Electronic Signatures feature.


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Signatures can be added to any form using one of the methods listed:

The signature control only captures a handwritten signature image. It does not create a digital signature.  A signed section that is set to wet signature both captures a handwritten signature image and creates a digital signature over the contents of the section. See below.