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To create this workflow, follow these instructions:

  1. Click the Flow Flows tab to open the Flows home page
  2. Click the New  icon to create a new flow. Click on the toolbar to display the flow properties panel.  Type "Example 1 - PO Screenflow" in the Flow Name field.
  3. If the Palette is contracted, click in the header to expand it. Drag the Client form from the palette and drop it on the flow designer canvas. This form will be the first step in the flow.

  4. Drag the Services form from the palette and drop it below the Client form. The Services form will be the second step in the flow.

  5. Click on the  what does the user see icon in the tool bar to customize the message the sales person will see when the flow is completed: 

    1. Click on the Display Message wizard. Copy the message below into the Message box then click Finish. {ClientName} and {ClientCompanyy} are examples of templates. Templates are specified by surrounding the name of a control in your form with curly braces.

       will use the values entered into the Client Name and Client Company fields at runtime.  

      Code Block
      The Purchase Order for {ClientName} at {ClientCompany} is complete.


  6. At this point, your workflow should look like this:

  7. Click the  save and exit icon to save your work.