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Why Upgrade?

v7.1 contains new features that improve usability and makes designing forms easier. Here are a few of the top reasons to upgrade:

  • New Features:

    • Search submissions by fields in your form/flow. (#19626)
      • Ability to delete Aborted or submissions in the Error state (#19043)
    • Share the editing of forms/flows with more than one designer using the Designer ACL feature. (#8493)
    • Optionally search Tasks by fields in your form/flow. (#16039 #16039)

    • Save submissions to with the box connector. Easily integrate forms/flow to box with the Save to Box wizard (#19514)

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Migration topics for v7.1:
New Export to Excel feature
#19973 Message elements cannot be edited
#19913 Strings containing ':' does not get translated when ISO-8859-1 encoding checkbox is checked while uploading the locale file.
#19788 Long names of uploaded attachments causes submission failure  
Old and New Submission Views - in-house can turn off the old view - see bottom of spec
Up to 5 fields on this tab be marked with an asterisk - indicating that these will be key fields for that form/flow to in the legacy view.
if you create a new form you will only see the searchable fields tab
#20141 - Documentation: For Release 7.1


Automatic Upgrade for Live Forms Online (Cloud Hosted) Customers



v7.1.0 was released on 8/5/2016 TBD for in-house customer

New Submissions View

The New Submissions View provides the ability to search submissions by fields in your form/flow, metadata fields or logical expressions that you create. The UI makes it very easy to specify search criteria. Do not worry. For customers using the Export to Excel feature, the Legacy Submissions view is also available in this release but....



The legacy submission view will be removed in the next major release. Users are encouraged to begin using the redesigned submission view as soon as possible.

For now, Cloud customers will see icons for both views on the Forms/Flows Home pages and the Shared Items tab inside/outside of a 

space. Remember, you must have the proper ACL permissions to view/edit/delete submissions.


New Submission Export for Submissions

The export of submissions to Excel has been replaced by an export to a csv (comma separated values) file. The csv file is easily opened in Excel.

Export to Excel replaced by Export to CSV File