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Why Upgrade?

v7.1 contains new features that improve usability and makes designing forms easier. Here are a few of the top reasons to upgrade:


New Features:

  • New Submissions UI that allows you to search submissions by fields in your form/flow.
    • Ability to delete Aborted or submissions in the Error state.
  • Share the editing of forms/flows with more than one designer using the Designer ACL feature.
  • Optionally search Tasks by fields in your form/flow.
  • Save submissions to with the box connector. Easily integrate forms/flow to box with the Save to Box wizard (#19514)
  • Anonymous users executing a screenflow can navigate back/forth using the Navigation toolbar (#19797)

On This Page:

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Cloud customers can configure up to 10 Searchable fields while the maximum number of fields can be configured in an in-house installation.

If the Legacy submissions view is configured, designer users will see Searchable and Saved field tabs when the link to Setup Searchable Fields is clicked. The v7.1 upgrade automatically displays previously configured Key fields on the Searchable field tab and any configured Saved fields on the Saved fields tab. Fields from your form/flow display on the Available Fields tab and supports drag and drop and left and right buttons for easy configuration when setting up the Searchable and Saved fields lists.


Search the Task List using Form/Flow fields

The Task List search now has the capability to filter down the matching tasks for a form/flow based on the values of the configured searchable fields. This addresses the need to find tasks based on submission data in certain use cases.The Task List UI allows the selection of ONE form/flow then allows you to enter search criteria based on the configured Searchable fields for that form/flow.

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Translation of strings containing a colon with ISO-8859-1 encoding

In previous releases of

, labels in forms/flows that contain a colon were not translated if the ISO-8859-1 encoding checkbox is checked when uploading the locale file. Colons must be escaped when used in a locale file property name.  Newly downloaded default translation files will now escape a colon with a '\'. Previous translation files with strings containing colons will have to be re-uploaded with the colon properly escaped.

Migration Considerations for Live Forms In-house Customers


In-house customers can turn off the Legacy Submissions View by setting the frevvo.deprecated.submissions.view.enabled configuration parameter. Other parameters are available to hide the Delete button on the Submission Table, disable the Edit link in Submission Details and set the maximum number of Searchable fields. If the Legacy Submissions view is not configured, the Saved Fields tab does not display when the Setup Searchable fields link is clicked and the Export to Excel feature is not available.

Configure the Maximum


Number of Searchable Fields

The maximum number of fields can be configured in an in-house installation by adding the  frevvo.max.searchable.fields parameter to the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\Catalina\localhost\frevvo.xml file.

displays an error message ("Maximum Number of Searchable Fields Exceeded!"), if the number of Searchable fields configured exceeds the maximum. The message will appear on the lower right of the screen and will disappear after a short time. Any fields in excess of the maximum number of fields configured will not be allowed.