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The Legacy Submission View and the submissions Export to Excel will be removed in the next major release. The submissions Export to Excel feature has been replaced by the Download Submissions to CSV feature. Please begin using the redesigned submission view as soon as possible.


Repeating Data



Forms/Flows containing repeat controls do NOT generate multiple rows in the Download Submissions to CSV file as it did in the legacy Export to Excel worksheet feature. Instead, forms/flows containing repeat controls will generate comma separated data in a single row in the downloaded csv file.

Consider an Airline reservation form where the number of traveler information sections displayed or the number of rows in a table is based on the number of airline tickets purchased. A section named Travel Information inside of a Repeat is designed to collect information about each traveler. Travel No, First Name and Last Name are set up in the form as Searchable fields.

Changing the Column Order in the CSV file.


To change the order of the columns created from the Searchable fields in your form/flows:


  1. Change the order on the Searchable fields tab using the setup wizard
  2. Create a new submission to reflect the new column order in the Submissions Table..
  3. The csv file will reflect the new column order.











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The Download Submissions to CSV file covers all the details about how the new feature works.

Search the Task List using Form/Flow fields