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 Confluence add-on is available for both Confluence v5.x and v6.x. See 
 add-on installation for details.


You may notice:

  • The submissions view has a new look to allow the user to search submissions using fields in your form/flow. Confluence users will only see this view. The legacy submissions view is still available if you log directly into your
    Confluence tenant.
  • The submissions Export to Excel feature has been replaced by the Download Submissions to CSV feature which produces a csv file that can easily be opened in Excel.

Please begin using the redesigned submission view as soon as possible. The submissions Export to Excel feature, along with the legacy submissions view, will be removed in the next major release.

  • The Task List also has the capability to search for tasks by specifying fields in your form/flow as search criteria.

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Refer to Viewing Submissions in Excel for information about the legacy Export to Excel feature and to the Download Submissions to CSV file feature topic to review the details about the csv download.

Live Forms Task List

It is very easy to add the Task List to a Confluence page. This page will display the task list of the currently logged in user.

  1. Create a new page Confluence by clicking the Add Page button for Confluence v4.0 - 4.2. To add a page in Confluence v5.1, click Create Child Page on the Space sidebar..
  2. Select Add Tasks from the Tool menu.
  3. Your task list is displayed on the page.

Searching for Tasks

The Task Search screen


Creating Workflows

Add a Flow