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Add the metadata URL to Live Form tenants using the Azure SAML Security Manager

A field to add the URL used to collect the Azure IDP metadata has been added to the

tenant screen for customers using the Azure SAML Security Manager. The URL is needed to handle Signing key rollover in Azure Active Directory. This URL is polled and refreshes the Azure IDP metadata every 3 hours. The new metadata is stored and automatically used as backup if you cannot log into the Azure SAML tenant.

 Follow these steps to add the URL:

  1. Login to your 
    Azure SAML tenant as the tenant admin.
  2. Enter this URL into the URL field below the Identity Provider section:
    Code Block{azure-tenant-name}/FederationMetadata/2007-06/FederationMetadata.xml


  3. Replace {azure-tenant-name} with the id of your
     application in the Azure Active Directory. This can be obtained by viewing the endpoint URLS listed when you click View Endpoints in your frevvo Azure application.
    In this example, fece6b7e-fbc6-4b3a-8287-fc07c29aa2d2 is the frevvo application id in Azure Active Directory.

    Code Block

  4. Save the updated tenant configuration.

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