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The Download Submissions to CSV file topic covers all the details about how the new feature works.

Switching from Export to Excel to CSV Download
  1. Cloud Customers:

    1. The maximum number of Searchable fields  

    2. Edit each form/flow where Export to Excel is configured
    3. Click the Setup Searchable Fields link

    4. Click the Saved Fields tab and review the fields previously set up as Saved Fields

    5. Click the Searchable Fields tab and add every field into the Searchable Field list that was in the Saved Fields list

    6. Save your changes

    7. Email to request that the Insight Batch job be run on your tenant if you want to update older submissions with the changes.

  2. In-house Customers:

Designer ACL

Form and flow owners (designer users that created the form/flow) can give other users (designers/non-designers) the capability to edit the form/flows. This is particularly helpful if a designer user takes a leave of absence or leaves the company. The "backup designer" has the ability to make changes to the form/flow without having to download the form/flow(s) from the owner's account to the "backup designer's" account.


  1. Login to your 
    Azure SAML tenant as the tenant admin.
  2. Enter this URL into the URL field below the Identity Provider section:

    Code Block{azure-tenant-name}/FederationMetadata/2007-06/FederationMetadata.xml


  3. Replace {azure-tenant-name} with the id of your

     application in the Azure Active Directory. This can be obtained by viewing the endpoint URLS listed when you click View Endpoints in your frevvo Azure application.
    In this example, fece6b7e-fbc6-4b3a-8287-fc07c29aa2d2 is the frevvo application id in Azure Active Directory.

    Code Block

  4. Save the updated tenant configuration.