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titleClick here for information about Saved/Key fields

Saved Fields

Saved Fields are stored in the database when the form/flow is completed. The fields you select will be displayed in the Submission Detail for each submission. You can also search the submissions repository for these fields using the 


On the Form/flow properties panel, click the Setup Key/Saved fields link to open the wizard.

Let's say you set up the Saved Fields in a Product Order Form as shown below:

When you click the Excel icon to export the submissions data to an Excel Spreadsheet, you will be given the option to open or save the file. The file will be named using the range of dates of the Submission data, if you choose to save it to disk . For Example, you might have submission data from February 15th to March 15th of the year 2013 that you want to export. The file name would be something like Submissions%28021513-031513%29(1).xls. Opening the file will show the

tenant and application name, the date range of the submission data and the number of submissions. The portion of the Excel Spreadsheet shown in the image is an example of a modified output file.

Perhaps, as the form designer, you decide that the Phone column should be between the Color and the Email Address columns.You can change the order of the columns using the arrows or drag and drop to this:

Exporting the submission results to Excel will arrange the columns in the spreadsheet as shown:



When you first open the Excel spreadsheet, the submissions meta data (Started Date, Updated Date, State, Age/Duration, Lock User, Lock Date, Revision, Status, Submitted By and Submitted IP) makes up the first 11 columns. You cannot reorder the meta data columns.

Fields saved as part of a submission are always included in the export. For example, suppose several submissions of the Product Order Form were created with the Saved Fields list shown in the image:

The designer then removes the Phone field from the Saved Fields list. Exporting the previous created submissions after the change, will order the saved fields by the new list. Previously saved fields which are present in the submission but not in the current list are added on as the right-most columns of the spreadsheet.

Key Fields 

Click the Key Fields tab. Up to five key fields may be efficiently stored along with the form submission. Key fields do not significantly reduce performance nor do they consume significant additional storage in the repository. It is also very efficient to search the submissions repository using these key fields. Key fields are also directly displayed in the Submissions Table so you can easily view them in a tabular view.

Multiple Controls with Same Name

It is possible that your form contains two or more controls with the same name nested inside different sections. For example if your form has a section control named Parent containing a text control called Name and has another section control named Child also containing a text control called Name, the Key/Saved Fields wizard will display two entries called "Name". In order to to know which is which, simply hover your mouse over each entry in the list for Saved Fields or dropdown for Key Fields and you will see the path to the control. In the example below you see Parent > Child > Name.

The same name fields will be categorized in the data tab of the form submission like this: