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The new version of the PVE connector will be installed when the frevvo cloud is upgraded to v7.2. In-house customers can simply replace the existing pve.war file with the new one which is included in the

v7.2 tomcat bundle. 

Change to Doc URI format when initializing a form from submission xml

You may have forms that you want to populate with data from a submission so that your users see the data, edit it if needed and submit again to create new submission. One way to initialize a form from a submission is to use the form submission xml link and the Doc URI wizard. Changes we made to ensure that cookies and secure sessions are used for the http get back to

to obtain the submission data.

The <host:port> section of the URI format of the form submission xml link must be changed in the Doc URI wizardwill only be used if the "frevvo://" scheme is substituted in place of the scheme://host:port of the uri used for the doc uri.


#20851 - Init xml is not working for form submission xml 


Java 1.7 is no longer supported. In-house customers should upgrade to Java 8 before installing

v7.2. Please review Supported Platforms for a complete list.  

New version of the Database Connector


A new version (v2.5) of the Database Connector now included in the frevvo tomcat bundle. Version 2.5 of the database connector requires Java 8.

In-house customers must upgrade to

v7.2 to use the Database Connector v2.5. There are 2 options: 

  1. Copy the configuration from your previous installation and the connector will continue to function as it did before. The DB v2.5 connector runs seamlessly with the DB Connector v2.4 configuration files.
  2. Read the documentation for new configuration instructions to take advantage of the new features.