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If you check this checkbox on the flow level and on each step in the flow , Save button will  button will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. If you don’t want users to be able to save/load your form, uncheck the checkbox on the flow level or on specific steps so users will not see this button.

This feature is useful for lengthy forms where your users may not have all the information required to complete the form in a single session. By clicking on save the Save button a copy of the form with all the current values is saved on the 

 form server. Later the user can re-open the form from their task list; see see Perform a task for more information. The form will populate the fields from with the saved values.

Users You can repeat the save/load steps save your partially filled in forms as many times as they wishyou want.

Currently the the Save for Later button for label for forms cannot be customized like it can for for flows. The ability to change the Save button label for forms will this may be available in a future release.