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The first step is to define a queryset and give it a name - BIRT in the configuration.xml file. Since we are using the built-in configuration.xml file, you do not have to do this. Here is an example of the BIRT queryset and the "allCustomers query that is described below.

Code Block
 <query <dbconnector>
    <queryset name="BIRT">
         <query name="allCustomers" autocreate="true">
                    SELECT "customerNumber","customerName" from "Customers" order by "customerName"

The database connector can simultaneously connect to multiple databases; each must be defined in its own queryset. The queryset consists of a resource definition and any number of named queries. The resource definition is shown above for MySQL It is configured in the file. You will need to modify it as required: change localhost to the name of the machine running MySQL, specify the MySQL driver, change the database user name and password.