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Builtin Functions --- NO CODE!

The new expression input control has two context sensitive input modes that provide:

  1. Function and control lookup with code completion (Lookup Mode)
  2. Function help. (Help Mode)

The user may use the up/down arrows to scroll the list as well as the mouse scrolling function(s). The enter key (with an item focused) or a mouse click/touch will select an item. When an item is selected, it is placed into the expression control at the caret position or replaces the partial text under the caret position. In the case of a selected function, the start of the function with opening parenthesis is replaced into the expression input

The following functions are available in the rule builder for building expressions. Function names may be entered in any case (case insensitive).

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Lookup Mode

Lookup mode contains two lists: functions and controls. The functions are listed first, followed by controls (from the form).

Lookup Mode can be triggered by:

  • Selecting the down arrow (must not be in Help Mode)
  • Entering text into the expression control.

Help Mode

Help mode - syntax information and an example - Help Mode shows help text for the function in the expression control's dropdown area. The help information includes:

  • function syntax
  • summary info about the function
  • an example
  • parameter information.


Use these operators to build useful expressions